• Ahem... If I may place a shameless plug: I personally use the OHRRPGCE: It has a small but faithful community. Original graphics are generally expected in the community even though they may not be of masterful quality. There's two main community sites: Castle Paradox and Slime Salad: There's also a monthly publication called "HamsterSpeak" (which is also the name of the compiler for the scripting language the engine uses.) Anyone can contribute to the magazine. Of course, the best way to find out if you want to use an engine is to play some games. I can suggest a few to help make your decision: Sword of Jade - Parallel Dreams: One of the few full-length OHR games released. Vikings of Midgard This game features great art work. It also serves as the "Welcome" RPG of the engine, and the resources in it can be used in your own games. Wandering Hamster Created by James Paige, the person who writes (development is still very active) the OHRRPGCE. City of Dreams Friend, the creator of this game, is a wonderful pixel artist. However, this game is really an adventure game. He has a more traditional RPG called Boundless Ocean, but I think this is the best of his games. Timestream Saga Second Edition An earlier still-in-process work from the creator of Vikings of Midgard. Darkmoor Dungeon More of a boss-rush than an RPG, but it emulates a lot of boss battles from popular RPGs on the OHR.
  • Awsome! thanks, that helped alot! ;)

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