• Yes, anytime the front end is apart,(steering and/or suspension components) You really should get the front end aligned.
  • You should get an alignment, but you might be able to get away with it depending on when year it is. 99 and up, you should be able to get away with it.
  • Yes ! I would! As a matter of fact, I've found that on my F250 Powestroke Diesel that I've even needed an alignment after the alignment. It ate front tires from the time it was new, until I found just the right alignment specialist. It's hard to find someone who knows what the hell they are doing when it comes to aligning a Ford. I FINALLY lucked out and found someone who got it right.
  • You can rough that and do a real good job. I've done it many times. All you need is a laser level and another person. Drive up close to a wall, hold the laser level against the side of one tire and have the person mark the wall where the dot is, then do the other tire and mark that. Measure the distance apart of the 2 dots. Now back the truck back from the wall about 50 feet and do it again. The laser dots should be the same distance apart. If not, losen the adjuster on the left tie rod and move some and try again. I did a Dodge truck that was off by 240 slide feet per mile. It wore out a set of front tires with 6000 miles, after i adjusted it, there is no sign of uneven wear after 20,000. When you check it with the laser, you should have weight in the front seat to equal a person. It will affect alignment some. I used concrete blocks.

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