• One would assume Chewie had a penis or some other reproductive organ. In the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) it was revealed that Chewie had a wife and a son, Lumpy. Lumpy was short for some longer Wookie name; I forgot the exact name. Also, according to the Star Wars RPG Core Rulebook, Wookies are considered a humanoid species. (Similar anatomy and such with slight variations.) So, unless Chewie whips it out one day, I guess the closest we'll get is "probably." Hope this helps :D
  • What kind of genitalia Wookies would have depends on what kind of mammal you decide they evolved from. If they are canine (dog) or ursine (bear), they probably have some kind of bone-supported penis that retracts into a sheath--so they wouldn't really need to wear clothes, the fur would cover up the privates. If they are primates, then they might be like gorillas--very big and strong, with surprisingly small penises. (In primates, the more faithful the male, the smaller the penises tend to be. Gorillas mate for life, bonobos hump anything that move, humans fall somewhere in between.) Wookies seem to be very faithful to their mates, so a gorilla-like setup is what I would guess. Of course, for all we know, Wookies are highly-evolved reptiles or avians, and might have vents or cloacas or stomas. They wouldn't be the first reptiles in the Star Wars galaxy to have hair and mammary glands. Just covering all of the biological possibilities.
  • That is not the point of Star Wars, but anyway their kind in the movie will never exist if he they not have a reproduction organ...
  • Yes and it's big and furry.
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