• It could be that they feel intimidated by them or it could be that they figure they've gotten along this long without one just fine.
  • they think the're to high tech'
  • Probably for the same reason so many younger people (like 20 & younger) don't want to learn how to knit, crochet, or play pinnochole.
  • Probably because they have done ok without one for the last 60 or so years so why bother and if on a low income may not be able to afford one or the internet connection costs every month:-)
  • hehe strange enough my gran is jus strating to use a computer and its kinda funny takes here over an ahour 2 send an email... maybe cause they dont want 2 make a fool of them selves trying to use them?? maybe they dont wana have 2 ask 4 help every 5 min?
  • I was 56 when I first was taught by my son about about computers and have only had it for one year. I'm still hesitant about trying new things. I pushed a few buttons just to see what happened and my son was patient enough to keep coming back and undoing it :) So to save him a lot of grief , I am going to stop pushing those buttons:)
  • I'm 53, and have been using computers since I was 20 or so. My father is 74. HE has been using computers since the 1970s. My grandmother died last year when she was 91. SHE was using a computer to stay connected to family since around 1995 or so. My mother, 75, though, used them, but doesn't like them. I don't know why. Some people are just set in the ways, and some are more open to changes. My grandmother probably would have been one of the former, but when she learned how to get pictures of family from GA, CA, and Hawaii (HA? HI?) and elsewhere, she really liked it. And she learned how to get and send emails. My father used them in his business, and got so good at it, he built his own computers, loaded them, and taught the others in his office to use them. Like I said... SOME people juet don't like change, and feel they're too old to learn, especially if it's not REQUIRED - like at work.
  • It scares them, they think it will blow up, if they hit the wrong button. Once they get comfortable, you cant get them off the dang things, LOL.
  • There's just one person over 60 I know who doesn't want anything to do with computers. My 82 year old dad was the 2nd person in the US government to have to job title "systems analyst". The 60-80 years olds laid the groundwork for much of the computer technology in use today. People who aren't interested in computers, of any age, probably have other interests that occupy their time and energy.
  • I think you are over estimating the number of people over 60 that don't want to learn to use computers. I know many that do embrace it. They like to use email to communicate with family and friends. Not to mention pictures of grand children.
  • I'm 65. Wanna MAKE sumfin of it? ; )
  • I know lots of people over 60 who use computers. One of the was my father who passed away a few years ago at 80 years old, and he loved his computer. He also used a computer at work before computers were common in homes. My mother who is 79 can use one, but she doesn't like it. She thinks they're a bother.
  • some people who grow up without something dont want to use it. for example, im a vegetarian. i dont want change. i didnt need meat back then, i dont need it now
  • ; search for and article entitled: rise of the silver surfer, the article actually puts forward a compelling brief suggesting that a large part of the global internet users are those over 60's and growing astronomically , taking into account that this is probably the baby boomer era then yes its expected and besides sometimes change can be difficult to take up though by sayin over 60's aren't really taking up use of computers may be inaccurate, hope the article helps.
  • I'm "over" and I use mine all the time; however, I'm terribly far from being really knowledgeable. I should take a class, but don't like learning about computers until I need to do something on one!!

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