• Yes!!!
  • Yes I believe I could. It would & will be a disaster, if & when it takes place. Traffic will be at a stand still. Most communications will be lost. Violence will increase to a level unknown of. And many lives will be lost do to it. But thats just part of what will happen, do to the worlds dependency on computers to do the job.
  • I just earn for that life...computers will ultimately take over us ( like the scenes shown in Wall-E or more seriously in other movies). Lets go back to nature! PS: Am a Computer Engineer lol!
  • Sure my parents do just fine. They mail in their bills and actually send me Cards and letters. If they want to chat they come and see me. Sometimes I wonder if its Us who is missing out on something.
  • Yes... I would be working instead of playing on AB!
  • Are you kidding me? No way!

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