• Twice, and it sucked. Now I'm always looking at that damn gas gauge!
  • I've never run out of gas with my own car, but I was with a buddy once and we ran out of gas 1/4 of the way over the George Washington Bridge in NYC. We were young and didn't care too much, but the backed up traffic was really pissed off.
  • Never, but I am about to. Like REALLY. I still have to drive my kids to school in the morning before the bank opens... I hope we don't end up walking. The bank is 5 miles away...
  • I have run out of gas at least 5 times that I can remember, although most of those times were when I was in college, and broke as hell, and would thus put off getting gas if it meant using up my beer money...... My worst running out of gas story, however, was a few years back, when I ran out of gas smack dab in the middle of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.....during rush hour...on a Friday. I have never been so hated by complete strangers in my entire life. Luckily the nice tunnel authority people came with a tow truck, pulled my sorry sad sack of an ass out of there before the mob turned ugly, and gave me a free gallon of gas. I haven't run out of gas since.
  • Once was all it took. Same thing for locking my keys in the car
  • I've never run out of gas while driving but often suffer from abdominal gas while driving.
  • probably more than ten times over the many years I've driven. Twice this past month
  • My wife will often wait until the warning light comes on before stopping for gas. It drives me crazy!
  • never. The car does 565 between drinks the light comes on with 60 till empty.I liked my old truck better it did over 900.

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