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  • I read that Visine (put directly into the urine sample will mask THC. I wonder if that is the compound in Visine that will do this?
  • bentonite is a form of a volcanic clay, used for colon cleansing. Sonne #9 is a good brand found in most health food stores
  • Visine can be detected (I heard)
  • apparently something in visine works.... I used Yurba something, bentonite and it worked well.
  • Bentonite has absorbent properties with toxins especially herbal ones in your body. Get a bottle of bentonite from sun harvest or WALGREENS/CVS even though those places barely have it but usually you need like a Vegen health food store to find it. You need 16oz of it, which is the size it comes in or they sell big 32oz bottles too sometimes. Just drink over a gallon of water, I drank 2, with the bentonite as it is so thick 1 tablespoon covers like 900 sq. yards. After drinking water and downing bentonite just piss and shit bright colors until you stop doing that, so you may need more water (waters the key here because if you don't get the absorbent bentonite out of you you're going to piss concentrated THC into your drug test and super fail). Eventually you will be 100% clean, and by clean I mean you will pass the test no doubt and any trace of thc in you system is gone for good until you start tokin again. So there you go brothas I have had experience with bentonite while being on probation and it worked just fine.

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