• There was an on line threat against black students at our high school. Instead of removing them for their safety, they have had 2 police officers on every floor of every building of the school. My daughter said that it would be racism to remove them, but I thought it would keep them safe until they find out who made this threat. What's your opinion? The police will be gone on Monday
  • Removing the kids, any kids would constitute caving in to the threat. It is unlikely that the threat was "real" but rather an attempt to disrupt the school. I sincerely doubt there was any real threat of danger.
  • The better way to deal with it is find out who posted the threats and have them arrested.
  • Removing the kids would mean that the person who made the threats had won. I am certain that the whole situation was carefully evaluated with the police before any judgement call was made. That's part of what we pay the police to do for us. I can understand not allowing the threat to allow all black kids from leaving the school to release those students from school.....but I think perhaps they should have had the option of staying away.
  • Remove them and the true racists win. Let them stay and then (God-forbid) gunmen show up: racists win. By keeping them there and keeping armed officers on the scene I think they did the best they could in a bad situation.
  • PC gone mad, surely if your doing it to benifit thenm its nit racism, right?
  • pc is racism........the enphasis is on the correctness to ethnic groups.this is held to bare on white population.....its all a mess
  • safety if they left them and something happened everyone would be like oh they should have re moved them they didnt because their black so either way someone would think they were being racist removing or not removing them
  • Removing them, to me, wouldn't have showb any signs of racsim if it was simply for protection. If they would have removed Black students but not Asian students who were in a similar situation then yes, that *could* be racism.I suppose it depends on the context. It may have been safer to have kept them in school though. if the threat was real, it's easier to hurt people who are alone rather than people who are in group. Like others have said, this may have been the best option.

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