• Well I am not a woman but I will try my best to answer this from my recollection of high school biology. I believe it has something to do with the menstual cycle being natures way of cleaning things out when fertilization of an egg has not taken place and preparing everything for the next time that possible fertilization will take place. Once fertilization has taken place there is no need for that system cleanse therefore the cycle stops until after child birth.
  • The hormonal cycle that produces the period is suspended during pregnancy. There is a complex and intricate interplay of many hormones, not just estrogen and progesterone, but those are the main ones. Here is Wiki's page on the menstrual cycle - it's a good place to start. Click on any of the link words for more info.
  • I think that what would have been your period becomes the placenta.
  • not all the time , i heard when my mother was pregnant with my brother she had her period for 4 months while she was pregnant

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