• They already have an excessive amount of sugar in their baby food,why should they sell products that have more sugar.They do not need high blood sugar that could lead to diabetes at a young age.Also the food Gerber sells is overcooked and lacks a vitamins.Baby food should be lightly steamed for a few minutes then blended.
  • I don't think we should feed our children any of that Gerber crap! I make my own baby food.
  • dont know who they are but baby desserts can only taste good have you tased the baby banoffee pie dessert its tastes great i got addicted to the stuff when my mum had my little brother lol :0)
  • That's kind of messed up, unless it's just normal baby food (the stuff that tastes like old shoes) marketed as "dessert" for parents who are chumps. If it's actually sweet and high-calorie, that's retarded. And not the good kind of retarded, either.
  • Though Gerber is available in many countries, it is highly discouraged by Pediatricians as the food lacks the principal vitamins children need, a part from an excess in sugar and many preservatives which cause allergies. I have never fed my boys with these products, I always fed them with natural food in a good combination that would not make them allergic. Those products should be adequately tested as well as all soft drinks, energizers and others that contain Aspartame. Regards.
  • Silly, unneeded and unhealthy. What ever happened to homemade pudding:-)
  • sounds like a waste of money, just get applesauce, yogurt or pudding that adults eat. probably much cheaper than those tiny glass jars.
  • Are our American babies NOT fat enough already? - Yours truly, Eric McLovin
  • Ill try one, It might be good! The banana cereal is the shiznit!
  • isn't "desserts for babies" moving to the other breast?
  • Getting them fat early are we??
  • I feel the same way about that as I do about the company who puts out mini tv dinners for toddlers. Yes it cute and yes it may be fun but is it healthy and financialy responsible? I must say that I don't have kids myself and I do sympathize when it is sometimes a challenge to get them to eat.
  • Havent they always had desserts, I used to eat vanilla custard pudding and i think hawaiian Delight. 30 years ago.
  • I think its terrible! Babies should only have bread and water, and if they want dessert, they should have to do chores to earn it.
  • As long as they aren't high in sugars and additives, I'm okay with it. Still, it's usually better and cheaper to make your own baby food. The little jars make good pee sample bottles or storage for small items like buttons though.
  • We have had such things for ages in Australia: custards, yoghurts, fruits, all made with low sugar and salt for bubbies.
  • it's safe but you can make your own by buying a baby food grinder & do peaches, pears, bananas with no preservatives
  • A "dessert" is any baby food product that they added sugar to. I figured that at the baby food stage kids really dfon't need desserts
  • I do not agree with Gerber making desserts for babies. With the obesity problem in America today, all we need are children getting that "sweet tooth" at a younger age. I have seen moms giving their babies the "dessert" instead of their fruit servings. Yes, peach cobbler would have peaches in it, but babies need to develop a taste for the "real" fruits first! Feeding a baby peach cobbler or apple custard for a fruit serving would be the equivalent of an adult eating apple pie instead of just eating an apple... it's just not as healthy.
  • look up the sugar content and compare the 'dessert' with other comparable fruit baby foods. If it's in the same range then there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Gerber is not going to sell you syrup with a drop of apples and call it baby food. They have guidelines to go by. Personally, I believe the desserts are perfectly fine and that there's absolutely no concern but you should look it up and make the discernment for yourself ;-)
  • I think that i can't believe that they didn't before. as long as they are healthy it's fine. Heres a great article on how to keep your toddlers healthy.

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