• The Simpsons.
  • I believe it's actually 60 Minutes.
  • 60 minutes would seem to be the obvious choice, having been running for 36 seasons since 1968. But the CBS website is a little ambiguous about the true number of episodes: "60 Minutes has aired 1,412 network broadcasts in prime time (including repeats) as of 1999, yet another milestone not likely to be equaled. Because each broadcast usually contains three separate segments, the total number of original segments broadcast for the first time by 60 Minutes is 2,983 as of Aug. 15, 1999." According to a list of the longest running fictional TV shows, The Simpsons doesn't even come close to the winner. As of May 2004 The Simpsons had notched up a respectable 333 episodes. But this is almost half of the show with most number of episodes, Gunsmoke, with an impressive 633 shows. EDIT: Yes, "obvious" isn't always correct, hence the "but" in the next sentence. Did you not read past the first line? I found this an incredibly hard question to answer. There is no database of popular shows, especialy when it comes to foreign markets, where I'm sure there are some extremely long-running shows. I tried, therefore, to stick to well-known American series (even though I'm not American I assumed that the questioner was.) I did my best to answer the question based on the information I could gather in a reasonably short space of time. At least my answer credits sources and goes into a fair amount of detail, unlike the other answers, so I don't understand why I'm being marked down for it. Finally, instead of criticising me, why not take a stab at answering the question yourself? Now there's an idea . . .
  • Several long-running gameshows have had enormous numbers of episodes made. The Price Is Right has had over 6000.
  • For sitcoms it is most definately not the Simpsons, the Simpsons has had more seasons, yet The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet had 434 episodes.
  • I don't want ot start a debate here but going by this web site The Simpsons have 330+ shows. I believe that the Simpsons have being on television for eight years, which is pretty good going for a cartoon show
  • Gunsmoke
  • Doctor Who :752 episodes
  • WWE Raw has 821 episodes(as of February 16, 2009) Raw is the longest running weekly episodic television show (aside from soaps, game shows and the news)
  • Hmm,an actual TV show that has a storyline,it would be either south park or the gameshows,i have no clue
  • I know it's not a series, but SportsCenter has had more than 30,000 episodes.

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