• It really depends on the buyers personality. However there is only 1 original, many copies, that is the only difference. To some a copy is fine, but like I said it depends on the buyers personality.
  • For the classics... There will BE no "copies" (read forgeries) that are as old. Nor will they be using the same type of canvas or paper, paints, strokes, etc. And many of the things we use today are MUCH more time-sensitive than they used back then, meaning the copies may not last NEAR as long.
  • The original by a famous artist usually is of better quality than the copy made by a minor artist. It takes a certain level of experience and knowledge ("connoisseurship") in order to be able to see the difference, but the difference is certainly there. It is in the "handwriting" of the painter. The subject of original vs. copy is a very interesting and wide one. Every painter (also the great ones) has made copies at a certain stage in his/her career. It is part of the artistic education to make copies.
  • Besides quality? The same reasons why a celebrity's worn shirt would be worth more $$$ than yours. Maybe a little fanaticism?
  • A major reason for the high price of artworks by "the masters" is exclusivity and rarity. Since copies, even very good ones, reduce this, they are frowned upon.
  • it's all part of the weirdo theory of celebrity worship...

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