• Enter lots of caves and fight lots of lower level creatures.
  • IF YOU'VE STARTED A NEW PROFILE AND ARE STILL IN THE TUTORIAL-Step1:When the guards and the emperor leave you by yourself after the first Mythic Dawn encounter, two rats bust through the wall. Kill the rats and proceed through the hole in the wall. There is light armor either on the skeleton on the ground or in the chest to its left. The chest needs to be picked. If you wish to increase your light armor, then take the armor and equip it. If you choose to increase your heavy armor, proceed on to the next room. In the next room there is a rat at the wall in front of you, a chest to the right, and a tunnel at your left. Kill the rat and open the chest to get the heavy armor(if you want to increase your heavy armor skill)and equip it. Proceed down the tunnel. You will come in contact with three fleeing rats and a zombie. Kill them all. After you've killed them continue on through the tunnel. Step2: Turn your difficulty to the lowest setting. Attract the first six rats you come in contact with. Let them form a circle around you and watch your health. when your health gets low, use your healing spell or you can jump out of the circle, run away from the rats untill they stop chasing you and then wait for a hour untill your health is back, then attract them back again and repeat if necessary. MyResults: After I got my heavy armor skill to a 75 I left the tutorial with heavy armor as one of my major skills,then it went to 100 and I rested after leaving the sewers. I gained 10 levels. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A CURRENT PROFILE: Focus on your major skills because there the skills that level you in the first place. Also read as many skill books as you can, they help alot.

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