• Hm... Not that I know about. I've actually read about Hard Drive partitioning recently, and I didn't read anything about password protection. Why do you need a password for the actual hard drive? (BTW, I don't think a OS would effect your hard drive partition that much, so you didn't have to include that.)
  • easier would be to make a virtual drive of another OS, then password and hide it such as with virtualpc2007 magicISO
  • Hi :) . Of course you can! And to do that you can use this program: = = > Disk Password Protection < = = . DPP Program is one of products from . This company have another program called "Cryptic Disk" and you can use it to de/encrypt your files and folders. DPP program have these features: * Boot protection * Partition protection * Low-level protection * Password-protected launch * Command-line support * SDK (for programmer) More info: . another program of these kinds is StorageCrypt 2. ( . But if you only need to secure your folders/files to prevent unauthorized access, you can use one of these programs: 1) FolderLock ==> 2) Folder Guard ==> 3) Folder Armor ==> . Between above applications, I just used and tested "FolderLock". There is an important thing you should consider it when you are using these kinds of applications, "ALWAYS GET BACKUP OF YOUR DATAs". Have Fun IgImAx

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