• omg addicted 2 twilight im happy with the cast but i whish they had some 1 else 4 bella
  • OMG I LUV TWILIGHT im happy with the cast of twilight their okay
  • I think they picked a GREAT cast that is going to do an AMAZING job!!!
  • I think they picked a great cast. Robert, Cam and Taylor are amazing, and are great actors. Kristen,Nikki,Rachelle, Ashley and all the other girls are fantastic! woo! GO TWILIGHT!!!
  • I think that the majority of the cast was an amazing. The only person I didn't like was Kristen. I think she did a horrible job. She was nothing like Bella. It's like she didn't even try.
  • I think Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress and they need to hire someone else for the role of Bella. Other than that, the cast is great!
  • They´re ok <div><a href=""><img width="400" alt="&& No Longer A Swan ♥; Quiz Below" src="" title="&& No Longer A Swan ♥; Quiz Below" height="400" border="0" /></a><br/><small><a href="">&& No Longer A Swan ♥; Quiz Below</a> by <a href="">â„“iσn.&.the.â„“αмb ♥ [belle fille]</a> on <a href=""></a></small></div>
  • Great choices.=)
  • They did an awesome job! especially for the part of Jacob! Taylor Launtner!!!!!!!!!

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