• I'm the other way around. I look like you would imagine an AB troll to look like. And I'm often confused for one on the streets. (I'm not!!!)
  • I never care about by looks(Though I'm not older!).And its always that I care more about who I am.I've learned that its more important for me than looks.Even my own friends say I look to classic or lack the taste of trend(Am referring just with respect to physical looks), but I just don't like it.I've got used to that way:)
  • well i dont really care about my looks as such even tho im young, i wear what I personally like, i have my days where i put more effort in tho
  • You're 100% right. in the end we all get old and wrinkly (or die before we hit that point), so why bother trying to prevent it and looking fake? I'd much rather be with a person i can talk to, feel that i don't waste my time gossiping, have meaningful conversations, etc as opposed to someone who later on in life is so obsessed with their looks that they go all Joan Rivers on me. Hearing her talk/looking at her is akin to nails on a chalkboard for me. Be a person, not an image, you'll be happier in the end and so will your partner.
  • The older I get the more time I have to put into looking good physically.I was able to go without make up until I was about 21 now if I don't put any on I look very tired. :( When I look good I feel good. At the same time I've been through more "drama" now that I'm older and have been forced to work more on myself from the inside of well. So I suppose I've had to care about myself both inside and out as the years go on.
  • i have never considered myself to be good looking so i have always concentrated on the way i am with other people because first impressions mean everything and the first thing you say can be the ice-breaker
  • I've never really cared too much about my looks. It's always mattered more to me who I am inside, even as a child. I care for myself physically, and I look fine, but I'd rather know who I am and be confident in that than know that other people like how I look and get my confidence from them.
  • I feel like as I get older I would want to take care of my apperance as well as who I am. I would probably exercise more and eat healthier and groom myself more.
  • I agree w/you Rosie. There was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead w/out makeup or my hair just right! Now however it is less important than cultivating who I am and want to become. I will admit though I am a bit vain about my weight,I was very heavy in highschool and swore I would never allow myself to become overweight again.
  • I agree Rosie. I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out a hair style that would look on me. It's not important to me anymore. I am more concerned about what's inside my head than on it now and how I feel more than how I look.
  • Well my case is a bit different I have gotten older I have started to care much more about me and my looks have become no.1 on my priority list ...LOL ! But I find I've started to care less about some people who've never mattered to me :-)
  • Maybe it's because you are happily married and surrounded by family and friends who appreciate you, RO. I don't want to look young(er) but it's important that I look good, for my age.
  • Yes....this is as a result of maturing. As one gets older it is hoped that one's values and priorities reflect an integrity and personal growth which reflects well on you. Not everyone does, of course!
  • i agree..there are so many more important things in life than looks. after 40, you realize it's all about learning and doing good in the world and not about you.
  • I agree totally Rosie Rose... when I was a teen and in my early 20's it was all about my shoes, my pants, my style of dress in general, my hair, who's sunglasses were cooler... Now... as a dad trying to set the right example... It's all about trying to improve myself and reaching for those goals that I couldn't motivate myself to reach for as a kid.
  • I feel fine and learned a long time ago you have to be happy inside first and then the other things will mean a bit more. Trying the opposite to have things create that happiness is one long frustrating road. Looks fade and mean little if underneath there is unhappiness.
  • You have become wiser and understand what real value of life is.
  • I have always been more of an 'inside' person but yes, more in my youth, did i consider my own appearance as I didn't want to be too different or weird but I just couldn't help it. My dress tastes and styles have always been different, luckily for me, not in a bad ugly way, just a little strange. But I have always wanted to be liked for who I am and not what I look like. Unfortunately for me I got my 'figure' very early and received what to me was very unwanted attention. So I went to wallpaper. I felt both ways. I wanted to be noticed without being noticed. But I did want to be noticed for me and not my breasts or my cute dress. But I think once I found a group of people who didn't gawk or grope, I was free to allow my heart to show more and liked that so much better. Better than hiding or trying to fit in.
  • I have never been one to be concerned about looks. I've always considered myself butt ugly. I have always dressed for function over looks. My wife has been trying for years to get me to dress better. But I am a jeans/t-shirt/overshirt person. All I know is that I married a knock-dead hottie with a brain that would scare Einstein, and she would make Sara Silverman laugh with her humour. I also know that I am considered a respected person in my field, and we have a great house, in a great town. We/I have traveled a lot and seen a lot of the world. I'm good!
  • I care much more about who I am. I guess I always did. When I speak with others it has always been about what the person feels than what they looked like.I am considered a handsome man even by the young and Iam sixty. Yet the fact that people trust me is far more important to me than what they say I look like. I am a simple man and hope to always be that way.Life is simple people can be complicated!
  • I used to not care about my looks at all, and I focused more on who I was. Now, I think both are important.

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