• No, now can I have a little word in your ear???????
  • philosopher-saint
  • I'm sure a lot of them are exactly like that, just that they don't blatantly present themselves in such an initial concept as you were so bold to suggest. :p Still blatantly obvious though, no matter the rounded curves.
  • All sites of the football fanatics do this!
  • Here's a whole list of them:
  • Do you espouse ghettos?
  • Carm's purpose is to equip Christians and refute error. Christianity is under attack all over the world and we need to articulate our faith intelligently and biblically. Website below, it has all types of forums for discussion.
  • google it.
  • I was really unsuccessful at finding any websites that are truly "exclusive" websites where you have to be a member or part of that religion to join the conversation. All the websites I found were very open to the public to comment. Even though some of them were more dominated by members or parties of that religion than "non-members", they were completely open to the public for comment. I really spent quite a long time searching many different religions. However, there is only one "religion" that I found had exclusive websites...and I really don't even consider it a religion. That is Scientology. I couldn't spit without hitting a website that was "exclusive" for Scientology members only. The reason why is because while many religions are critized for being greedy and taking people's money, you can still learn about the religion and experience most of it without paying a dime. However, with Scientology, you have to pay to receive auditing sessions. That is when you start actually learning anything about it. So, Scientology's lawyer dream team has done a great job of silencing other websites and putting a strangle hold on them to ensure that you cannot comment or even read the comments without being a member of Scientology. In fact, I couldn't find a website other than AB that allows none members to comment. The only website I could find that came close was: At beliefnet, you can read the comments as a non-member, but you cannot comment. With every single other religion on beliefnet, I was able to comment, ask questions, and get answers. But with Scientology, I couldn't comment. I was able to e-mail a question through the website that goes to a Scientology "minister", and they answer by posting the answer on the website. The answers are so useless. Other than that, I couldn't get much further on any other website with Scientology. On all the other religions, I couldn't find an "exclusive" website. However, it being so hard to find is probably what makes it an exclusive website.
  • provides areas for debate and areas "for learning and fellowship and NO DEBATING!" for many religious faiths and beliefs. They also have "private" areas, but I never asked to join them, so I'm not sure what goes on in there. lol I haven't spent time there lately, but it was a very well run site, with good moderation and many respectful mature people.
  • I thought that was um questionbag, a place similar to this...

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