• It all depends on how well you have taken care of it and the previous owner(if any) took care of it. I owned an 89 f150 with the straight six and an automatic that had 350000 on it when i sold it. I currently drive a 1990 chevy 2500 with a 350 automatic thas has just over 324000 on it. Change the oil, service it regularly, drive it sensibly and it should last you a long while!
  • A truck is ALWAYS a truck. Even if you had to drop a new engine in it eventually, you will get many, many years of use out of a truck/van. I still see guys driving around in mid-70's Ford F-series trucks that the quarterpanels are falling off, and they're still running. Take care of it, change the oil and tranny fluid and anti-freeze often, and don't try to drive it over 60 mph as truck gears are not meant for over-the-road speed like that. It's built for hauling power and torque.
  • I have owned several Ford trucks that exceeded this mileage by quite a bit. The company I work for currently has a 1995 e-250 and a 1997 e-150. Both of these vans have more miles than yours and run like new. It's all about maintenance.

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