• There is not a single type of truck that is the most fuel efficent.there are many,many variables regarding testing they are up to 8mpg...but that is testing in ideal conditions... type of trailer(a flatbed will get better mpg than a van) terrain traveled weight of load even weather conditions(a tailwind is much preferable than a headwind) what percentage of run time is spent idling gear ratios driving habits engine control (computer) settings the largest myth of all a 500 hp engine and cut the fuel back on it w/the impression it will save fuel...hahaha. if the companies want to govern the trucks @ 68mph..fine.but they havent discovered after all these years,that everytime you cut the fuel back, you more you must downshift climbing a grade, you are DESTROYING your fuel mileage....(and the life of the engine)
  • Allikatzpop is right. There is no single "most fuel-efficient" truck out there. It's really just a matter of personal preference and how you drive them. You can order a new truck and put any engine, transmission, and rear ends of your choice in any truck, so you have to know what your going to (work) do with your truck to make the best possible choice of your options.
  • The Tesla Semi. 300 and 500mi to the charge where you can zip up the mountain. Coming soon in 2019-2020. Prototypes on the road already.
    • Ice man
      Those are "short haul", warm climate only, and how well they're going to "zip" up the mountains ..remains to be seen.
  • not sure

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