• Traditional, well that was the intention..but things got all kooky.
  • It was traditional :-)
  • I had two weddings. The first one was me my husband and two friends on the beach. The second was with our friends and families. They were unaware we were already wed, but we had a big wedding, and were married on a deck overlooking water. I think it was great, because we had the best of both worlds!
  • Unusual -- I was an hour and a half late to my own wedding. Lived in Arkansas, and we were traveling to Missouri the morning of the wedding. Got behind a bad wreck (overturned semi), and were stuck in traffic forever! It was an outdoor wedding, so my side of the family and my guests were all waiting outside in the heat for my groom, his parents and family, my sister and myself, who were all caravaning from the south. No cell phones at the time to call and tell them what was going on. When we got there, we quickly changed clothes and kind of rushed the service because everyone was so hot from sitting there waiting for so long.
  • I've never been married, but my sister had a traditional one in January this year: white wedding dress, walked down the aisle, very traditional and very solemn.
  • very traditional Catholic wedding...even though I'm not catholic and he wasn't practicing...oh well the marriage didn't last anyway
  • First one, tradtional..second one, Vegas..third one Justice of the Peace.
  • First time, traditional church wedding with the big reception, blah, blah, blah. Second time, eloped to Incline Village, Nevada.
  • We got married at our reception site but the Pastor of my church performed the ceremony so it was traditional too.
  • Sort of traditional. Had the reception at my parent's home with about 75 people attending. But we did just about everything ourselves, other than playing out some fake grass matting to make it look like a lawn. We rented that. But my mom and I plus a few friends, made all the food, sit down hot dinners, plus my mom and I made the wedding cake. We also sewed my dress and the bridesmaids dresses. And she grew and planted many flowers for the wedding and I licked a lot of flowers, wildflowers for the reception.
  • An unusual, quicky traditional. Both my wife and I had ill parents. To travel, plan and have a big party were a problem. We got married in a church (we were both Methodists) in Las Vegas (we lived in cal. at the time) we were properly dressed for photos and had a limo. But the only people other than the preacher were the limo driver and the preacher's secretary (required as witnesses).
  • Normal lots of people, diner, band, dancing the whole deal... should have taken the money my father inlaw offered and had a small one then the honeymoon followed by a big party for all the rest... we would have come out $10,000 ahead. LOL
  • I don't know how unusual it was, but we had our ceremony and reception all in the same space. My husband and I were married by a justic of the peace, in front of ONLY the people whom we really wanted to be their. Roughly 40 people. No one was invited out of obligation. No.. "oh if we invite this relative then we have to invite this relative, because that relative will be angry"...none of that. Because of the size, we were able to spend more money on other things, like the meal. Every guest had Filet Mignon, baked stuffed jumbo Shrimp, etc. And we all had champagne, all evening. It was a great night!!
  • I had a pretty traditional wedding, but we kept it simple. My bridesmaids dresses were ordered from a JC Penney catalog (tea length but very pretty) and cost around $40.00. I bought my dress off the rack for $300 (my mom thought that was really high back in 1988!). We did have a church ceremony with about 150 people at the wedding & reception. It was very nice but not over-the-top in any way.
  • Does having a quickie before the service count as being unusual? Other than that I guess we had the normal by the book wedding.
  • I am not married but I am sure my wedding ( if I ever decide to take the big step) will be Greek traditional. It is almost unimaginable not to follow the traditions down here!
  • Both. My first marriage was a typical Church Ceremony, with fam1ly coming from all corners of the world. 20 years later, my second was a week away in Lss Vegas, Chapel of the Bells, 2 friends travelled with us. We spent the "Honeymoon" climbing Mt. Charleston, and hiking the Mojave. Less BS & "oblgation". More real "together" time.
  • Our wedding, including the processional and recessional, was 14 minutes long! It felt like a long time to us, though. A lot of the guests really liked that. We had everything needed: vows, prayers, unity candles, rings... short and sweet!
  • for me I not mirragable but I went to my cousin's wedding it was'nt traditional or quickie It was the new modern type with a nice Reception though with 1 round of drinks on the house

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