• You should talk to someone you trust. This may be hard sometimes but you should try to get some advice from someone not involved in the situation if possible.
  • I do. I have a few very good friends who will listen, give advice, commiserate, whatever I need, when I have a problem.
  • Bouncing things off of someone who can remain neutral is always good BUT you must, in the end, make the decisions that are best for you and listen to your OWN instincts.
  • I find it difficult for me to trust anybody but myself, so I always bear everything, though it makes me tired and depressed. Well, I am trying to improve.
  • I do this with my husband constantly. So nalini, have you decided to be with the playboy or the sugar daddy?
  • I'm lucky enough to have a small group of people in my life who I trust whole-heartedly and whom I know I can talk to about anything. Oddly, the majority of them are males. In my experience, I have found men to not only be better listeners than women, but also less inclined to gossip or to inform others about confidential discussions.
  • I do it ! I cannot stay long without sharing my problem with somebody especially my friends :-)
  • It's the only way things will get better if there is a true problem. But what we often find is that when we talk about it, what we thought was a problem doesn't even exist, so we're both real happy about it:-)
  • I usually talk it out with someone if the problem is something that I can't take care of myself. You can't get through everything alone.
  • The best relationships I have had have been with people who talk things out.

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