• I would recommend lots of strectching and cardio. If you want to lift weights, lift light and add more reps.
  • My neighbors daughter was in volley ball and they had her running up and down the bleachers for 45 minutes every workout.. twice a week with one game a week. Of course they did stetching exercises and volleyball skills the other 2 practices.
  • exercise regulary, eat healthy. don't forget to eat breakfast. jump up and down every day for 5 minutes to improve leg muscles. do squats. practice your balance on a balance beam. improve your agility. and don't get afraid to get sweaty... :) have a nice workout
  • for a work out I would start playing Volleyball dayily so you can get your musels used to the game again. Also, you should strech your legs ankels arms and neck. For diet I always start eating more salad type things than meat
  • Bump the volleyball alot so your arms don't get sore at tryouts. Lift weights (but not the day before tryouts) and run a lot. You might want to learn yoga too. Eat spaghetti the night before.
  • Nothing like waiting to the last minute and expecting miracles. You should have gotten off your heiny at least a month ago. A week is going to do basically zip.

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