• No. Regardless of whether it's a religion or not, It's still a culture. I'm an Atheist Jew. I consider myself Atheist in beliefs and Jewish in culture.
  • I agree with much of what Arisztid said. The overwhelming majority of those who died in the Holocaust were victims, not martyrs. However, I beg to differ on the idea that there were no martyrs. There were. Some of the people who chose to risk their lives by harboring Jews or other victims were sent to the camps. Many people were sent to the camps for openly opposing the Nazi's or their treatment of minorities. Even some of the soldiers who were supposed to carry out the murders chose instead to die themselves rather than murder the innocent. Many years ago, I spoke with a man whose brother died in the Poland in 1940 under mysterious circumstances while serving in the German military. After the war, he found out his brother had been assigned to an extermination squad. The brother, having been raised as a good christian, couldn't obey the order to murder civilians. He reportedly told this to his officer. He then put down his weapon, walked down into the pit where the victims were being shot, and an officer shot him. To me, this man was a martyr of the first order.
  • Not really martyr's but victims. Being 1/2 Jewish myself a lot of mine got wiped out in WWII. Look at what's going on in Israel today.I think Israel could be on the moon and there's be someone out there trying to bomb it.
    • Army Veteran
      Israel's problems are of their own doing (their "Jewish intellectuals", anyway). Palestine legally belonged to the Arabs according to the McMahon Agreement made between them and the British in 1915. But Britain reneged on the deal and gave Palestine to the Zionists - who established the State of Israel in 1948 for the sole purpose of driving out the Arabs and taking over the land for themselves. When Germany was accused of doing it during the war it was called "Lebensraum". When Israel does it it's called "justified" and is supported by the entire world.
    • Veneer
      The early Israelite's themselves lived in the Land of Palestine. It's the stakeholders behind Ben Guriion that needed a stronghold in that region who had the ultimate say. Guys like James de Rothschild and Lawrence or Arabia earlier made it possible for the Brits to mess around in the bigger oil producers in the region. Even Teddy Roosevelt's son Kermit played a role in destabilizing Mohammed Mossadegh's government paving the way for the Shah who was more commerce friendly with the West. Spme of those political back room deal's made it possible to refer to the whole region as "safe sects."
  • In a sense (an important and common sense): yes. They died for what they were, rather than for anything that they had done or (subjectively) not for anything that they had done that was WRONG. If you die for being a Christian, you're a Christian martyr. If you die for being a Muslim, you're a Muslim martyr. And of course there are also non-religious martyrs, like Martin Luther King Jr., who was a martyr for racial equality.
  • No, I believe that they were victims. Victims of the nazi ethnic cleansing.
    • Army Veteran
      They were victims of their own "advocates". What happened in the prison camps was disease epidemics, not gas chambers. Their so-called "benefactors" left them in the camps instead of trying to help them get out and go to Palestine. It was their "benefactors" that caused all of the trouble and then threw the German Jews and other European Jews under the bus. I don't say this from an antisemitic perspective. I'm not antisemitic - I'm anti-Zionist. I support the Jews and understand what really happened to them. Yes, they were victims, but not of the Nazis - they were victims of their own political leaders who used them to bleed sympathy for their own agenda.
    • dalcocono
      Yeah yeah yeah whatever. My uncle was there when some of those camps were liberated. He had photos of them. The Germans kept meticulous records of their atrocities too, because they never though their "master race" could possibly lose the war. Their own recordsconvict them.
    • Army Veteran
      You bring up a good point. Yes, Germans were meticulous in their record-keeping. So where are the records that ordered the exterminations? Assumingly, they destroyed them as they were fleeing the camps. If this were true, how is it that they were able to round up and destroy just the incriminating records and nothing else? There is so much that doesn't add up.
  • They were murder victims.
  • The number "6 million" in connection with the Holocaust had been publicized in the media many times prior to anyone even knowing who Hitler was - dating back to 1915 and earlier. It was being told how 6 million Jews were being persecuted and threatened with extermination in Eastern Europe and Russia/Soviet Union. On January 8, 1945, a story written by a Jewish historian named Jacob Lestchinsky which appeared on the front page of the New York Times told of "6 million" Jews dead - 2 weeks before Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviets on January 27, 1945 (how did he know?). This isn't ** denial **. This is documented fact - fact that itself, is being ** denied ** by the Holocaust promoters. --- "The problem is not that people are uneducated. The problem is that they are educated just enough to believe what they've been taught and not educated enough to question what they've been taught." - Author Unknown
  • How long ago did it happen? Why do jews think we should care ? What about all the children that have starved to death because jews took their money you people make me sick all ways fighting people for a dollar then wanting sympathy. Why are you anonymous ashamed to say whom you are you should be.
    • Army Veteran
      Auschwitz is an indoctrination center to keep the sympathy going. School children are regularly taken to the Anne Frank house for indoctrination. Anne Frank is the Holocaust pin-up girl but she never died in a gas chamber - she was a victim of typhus like most of the rest.

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