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  • As in understand? My boy. :) We have hundreds of little jokes that nobody else understands, we think the exact same things about people and what to do next and we're always finishing each others sentences word-perfect. But in another sense, I can tell him anything and he'll understand. My mom was also like that too.
  • my S/O... thats why i keep him around! and i get him too... thats why he keeps me around!
  • One of my oldest friends, I've known him since I was 16, really gets me. I used to get him, but he's been a little harder to read as of late. I think a mid-life crisis is in his immediate future--I'll just let him buy the Corvette for now :)
  • The little gnats buzzing around in my yard. I get them good with a can of Raid.
  • My husband gets me perfectly. I tell him that all the time. It's important because I'm not easily gotten.
  • Great question!! My friends get me and I get them. One of my daughters used to get me, but doesn't get me anymore and I sure as hell don't get her. My other daughter is learning to get me and I get her most of the time. I get my s/o who rarely gets me, but likes to think he does. In general it all makes for an interesting life :)
  • Ah, my ex. Oh well.
  • I would hope the "getting" is mutual.
  • my ex-girlfriend. we live together. we 'get' each other so well that we didn't even move in together until well after we broke up and now go about our daily lives mostly separately, but understand what goes on in each other's lives. We know how to lean on each other and how to build each other up. Frankly, when real life actually hits us and we're in long-term relationships with other people, we'll have to separate, and I don;t know what we'll do!
  • I have a few choice people who get me. I could nod my head and raise and eyebrow..and they'd know EXACTLY what I'm talking about ;)
  • My best friend gets me. He is the only one that can follow the path of my random thoughts. I can also follow his. Scary.
  • My very close friends. They get me, and I get them. We understand each other so well it's freaky sometimes.
  • Where I work are many mainland Asians and I have a husband and wife couple that are my supervisors. They seem to have very high standards. Sometimes perfection isn't even good enough for them. I don't think "mistake" and "joke" are in their vocabularies. The have their noses to the grindstone constantly and hold everyone else's to it. Even when someone in the group had a birthday and anniversary and we "do" a lunch celebration, either the Asians don't participate and if they do they are always looking at their watches and saying things like "We should be getting back to work now" or "We're having too many parties here?" They never smile or socialize. They seem totally work orientated.
  • Well, all the way through school, college and uni and even at my jobs I felt like the odd one out in just about any environment and found it hard to make decent friendships. It wasn't until just as I was finishing my final year at uni that I became friends with a guy who was just finishing his first year. He seems to get me better than anyone else who I've worked or studied with. He understands my strengths and weaknesses. He never gives a weird look when i try to suggest or express something. He's just totally layed back and easy going and open minded. That's pretty much all i've wanted in my friendships. It's people who aren't like that that I don't get.
  • Nobody gets me.
  • Hi Susan! My SO, of course... PS How are the wedding plans going my friend?
  • It depends on the day. My boyfriend usually gets me - but not always. *lol* I've also got some good friends on AB that I get, but I wonder who truly gets me. :)
  • If you mean who bothers me? My ex and I don't think I bothered him as much.
  • completely? i don't think anybody. but all together?a few good friends. i get them pretty well. we're very intuitive. we can tell within 5 seconds of a conversation the mood of the other person just by how we answer the phone half the time.
  • My husband and I could look at each other and know what the next sentence or question was going to be. I suppose we GOT each other very well. My sister and I think alike in a lot of ways.
  • My husband.Sometimes I'd swear he's psychic.
  • My sister. When we are together we laugh, and laugh! Our husbands think we are both crazy! But, its what we do! Shes the one person I know, no matter what, she will always be on myside.
  • May "well rounded" people "get me". They are without exception those who have traditional American values of family, hard work, and honesty. Those who never "get me" are the liberals who live in some sort of dream world that ipods and liberty are their birthright and that there is no cost for freedom, and that America is just America and if we don't oppose Islamic Jihadists they will just go away and let America listen to their ipods. I don't get these folks either, and there are far too many of them. It's ignorant and dangerous.
  • My sister. We totally get each other.
  • My family and those who become my friends and yes, it is reciprocal! :)
  • My daughter and I are the only ones who get each other.
  • My husband gets me some of the time, my son gets me most of the time, and I get me all of the time!

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