• It's narcissistic to think that you're the most amazing human being that has ever lived... which you are. :)
  • Of course is simply being honest. You want to set a good example for your don't do that by shading the truth! Any parent who doesn't believe that about his/her child should not be a parent in my opinion! Happy Saturday, are you doing, honey? :) (((hugs)))
  • No, not at all. It's pretty natural in fact. The only time it becomes a problem is when you convince the CHILD that they are the most amazing human being that ever lived. Confidence is great, but 'better than you' attitudes don't get kids far, and make adulthood even more difficult! :)
  • Not at all! How lucky your kid is that you feel this way! This is one way to instill healthy self-esteem.
  • My children are the greatest, absolutely.
  • I would say that is just being biased.
  • It's a tad unrealistic for any parent to think that, of course.
  • Don't care if it's narcissistic or not. He's why I was put here.
  • No it's not at all. Though if you let that cloud your judgment and think that your kid is above doing _____ then it might be a problem. But in essence, I wish more parents felt that way. Too many kids have low self esteem because their parents don't think this way. Now, it would be narcissistic to think you were the greatest parent to ever live! :)
  • Not at all. I know my child is the most special person on the planet.
  • Yes. Certainly. Except of course in the case of my little girl. She's 5 months old, smiles at everyone, and even at the doctors or baby shops the people there gaze in wonder.
  • No, I wouldn't consider that narcissistic, I think that is just being proud of your child, which I believe can be a good thing. Narcissistic would be the inability to recognize anyone else is more important than themselves. +

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