• All I can say about any of them, is that if you are caught by Blizzard, you lose your account.
  • i wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. they are thieves, these guys will just steal all your gold. stay away from them...
  • I am not an active player of World of WarCraft, but I did a search in google, and found a couple of posts that say that you should avoid buying wow gold from wowmine. Below are the links: Hope this helps!
  • I wouldn't recommend using any goldseller. If they scam you you have no comeback because what you are doing is against Blizzards T's & C's. It makes the game less enjoyable for you and other players. If you want something, earn it. Play the game don't cheat, it's so much better in the long run, learn your class. Gold sellers - Azeroth would be a much better place without them.
  • I agree with SN up top - do it yourself, it's worth it. And money is easy to make in wow, you can easily do 150/200g per hour in daily quests.
  • NO. Don't do it. I've been waiting over two weeks and they keep giving me the runaround. They pretty much suck. I've done the LIVE chats, on numerous occasions, and all they say is "so sawwry, we deriver your gorld in 24 hour" or Preasse give it just a riddle while ronger and we vary sawwry, you derayed in derivery..' BASTARDS. Five minute delivery my a$$.
  • 1. Dont buy gold, once u do, u are bascily holding a sign "HACK ME" or "HACK THIS ACCOUNT"
  • ive never used it

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