• My daughter Ayla has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and reading and a love for all things creative! In the future, I believe she will use those qualities to make an impact on this world! My son Quinten has an imagination that cannot be rivaled, even by the greatest in the field! He will someday use his keen imagination to entertain and expand the minds an lives of those around him! Both of my children already do those things for me! They are my Ka-Tet!
  • They are compassionate, considerate, truthful & as they go about their lives, it makes the world a much nicer place to live.
  • My daughter is responsible, diligent, compassionate, intelligent, imaginative, resourceful, witty, charming and yes, I'll admit it, beautiful. She is just about to graduate from college and I know all of these qualities will serve her well in both her professional and personal life.
  • One thing that I've noticed is she's a very happy child.......she loves going to pre-school (gets depressed that she can't go on weekends) One unadmirable quality is she's becoming a tattle tale. She runs to mom when she heard daddy call someone stupid on the TV. (watching mens NCAA tourn.) This is all unbelievably cute while trying to be a good mentor to her.
  • This question really made me think, so thank you! My children are both adults. My daughter Maria never gives up - she keeps going until she gets there. She has a passion for justice. She writes exceedingly well. When she's afraid to do something, she does it anyway. She's sensible and an innovative problem solver. How does this serve her as an adult? She is a valued employee. She can manage a household budget. Her kids can rely on her objectivity and sense of justice. She easily communicates with her peers, co-workers, kids, husband and extended family. My daughter Terra has no fear of failure. She sets the highest possible standards for herself and sticks to them. She's a gifted listener. She never goes back on her word. She writes exceedingly well. She is passionate about knowledge of all kinds. As an adult, this has made her a scholarship student, someone who's as happy with her own company as with the company of others, someone who's had a tremendous amount and variety of experiences for her age, and someone who others can count on.
  • My son is really sweet. He shows genuine concern for other people's feelings and is more than willing to give a helping hand. I think those qualities will make him an excellent friend and employee. I doubt they will help him climb the ladder to success, but he'll be happy and emotionally healthy as an adult and that is way more valuable.
  • My eldest will go out of her way to tell me she loves me and give me a hug when she knows I'm feeling down or under-appreciated around the house. Her compassion for others will certainly encourage strong friendships as an adult. My middle child is so energetic that it is simply impossible to not be upbeat in her presence. I'm sure as an adult people will want to be around her, just to share in her joy for life. My youngest is absolutely the best cuddle-bug on the planet, hands down. Oh, and his infectious giggle is very uplifting too. Oh, gee, I hope this won't make him a Don Juan or anything as an adult!

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