• Whichever one gives me the best deal when I compare prices.
  • BB where I live considering they pretty much shut CC down!!
  • best Buy.
  • Best Buy it rocks!!!
  • Circuit City seems to have the higher grade electronics as a whole so I will defer my store selection to them.
  • Depends on what you want. BB has a lot of less expensive items that are far more than the average user needs or wants. CC has some higher priced items that have features that the average users just do not care about. If you have specific needs, or, just for kicks, go to CC and tell them what gadget you are looking for. They will offer you options and ask you questions on usage, needs etc, then suggest something based on the feature list you need. Do not buy anything! Just go to BB and say, "I need a <gadget> with <feature list>. What do you have in that area?" You may actually get what you need for less or the uninformed salesman will sell you something that does not actually have the features you specifically asked for. You may want to find an educated consumer in BB and ask them for help. Just stop someone in the department you are shopping in and ask, "Hey, bud. Do you know anything about <gadget>? I am looking for something with <feature list>." You will probably end up with better advice and just what you need. If money is no object, go to Encore or Sound Advice and get the gadget that will keep you smiling for years.
  • Circuit City is better if you need help picking out something.
  • I have found better prices and a better selection of CDs, DVDs and games at Best Buy with a few exceptions.
  • Best buy foe me. I always believe in Cheap for the cheap.

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