• Eye contact and body language, followed by what they say and do. Confident and secure people tend to have a live and let live attitude, while arrogant but insecure people seem to focus on what other people should or shouldn't be doing. There is a huge difference between confident and arrogant.
  • If someone is confident they are relaxed and therefore polite and kind and witty. If they are not confident they are insulting, hostile, antisocial, withdrawn and over sensetive to trivial things and that shouldnt really upset someone. People with high IQs and people who live in easier environments tend to be more relaxed and therefore confident. Bad environments and low IQ causes anxiety and an unrelaxed state leading to hostility, nervousness, antisocialness and thererore the signs of lack of confidence. thats what my psycholgy degree would suggest on that one as a basic answer.

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