• I think it is disgusting. I cant believe that someone wouldn't like someone else just because of the colour of their skin. We are all created the same. What the hell does it matter what colour your skin is!
  • Everything can be funny to a certain extent, we should all keep a sense of humor until it crosses the line.
  • Racism will always raise it's ugly head as long as there is always cultures,peoples, to misunderstand ,fear ,and hate
  • Oh it's just wonderful, in fac- ohhhhh racism...Yeah it's bad. What did you expect me to say? "Long live whitey, I hate the dark people"? Jesus Christ.
  • ANY form of discrimination is wrong. Regardless of if it is, so called, positive discrimination, racism, sexism, ect. The ONLY exceptions to these are in sports and physical labour. Sports: if the sport is a physical one then generally men do better than woman so woman should have their own league so they can also get some credit (want proof check out the world records in various sports accross the Olympic games). Labour: generally a person confined to a wheel chair will not be able to be a brickie. It is just too hard for them to get up ladders while carrying aload of bricks ect. Racism is WRONG. There is no difference between me and the guy sitting besides me, yes we look different but we are both men capable of almost the same thing given the same training and opportunities. On a side note, I now feel, in Europe at least, that the most racist people are no longer the "white man" but are now the "coloured man". Walk into a McDonalds with a white manager and you will see a good mix of races working there, walk into one with an Indian manager and ALL the workers will be from India/Pakistan ect.
  • What's to take?
  • If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it. Starting with elementary school, sociology should be part of the curriculum. Racism, diversity, culture tolerance should all be taught from an early age. It will take several more generations but I do believe that racism will be part of the past.
  • I think it is deplorable but I am beginning to feel that it is a part of human nature. Every group has another group that it is prejudiced against. When economic times get tough racism becomes even more virulent.
  • It is one of the worst things in the world.
  • Racism I find these days is used to loosely. It is to easy to scream racism when someone says something you do not like. Example: An indian fella in our internal sales department decided that when he was disciplined for work that was not being done that was his responsibility. he decided to take it to a tribunal because he seen this as racism. However I will add that it is also very real and we should not allow it.
  • Racism is pleagued with ignorance, that's my take.
  • I think racism is a primitive form of hatred. It's centered around certain people and ethnic diversity, but honestly, I don't see the difference between ''racism'' and the horrible and cruel actions that people do to others which isn't classified as racism. It's all the same shit to me, everybody hates and is cruel, nobody's excluded. If racism has to justify its definition on centralization which is often baseless and almost nonsensical when this justification is elaborated, then to me it's just another form of hatred, and that in itself is pretty shallow and simple, it doesn't go very far, does it? Also I think that the word is thrown around much too loosely as already said, and that people use slangs, insults and even attribute titles to themselves which would normally pertain to what we define as racism. If ''racism'' evolved at all, then its transition can easily incorporate patriotism or self righteousness, as such elements are often founded and then fueled on the emotions that everybody always decrees as belonging to the root of racism to begin with.
  • Might as well get used to it. It will never ever end. As long as there will be a difference in people, in looks, in gender, in attitudes, in race, in religeon, big and tall, etc. People will always seperate in groups and hate each other, mostly out of fear and ignorance!
  • i think racism is really stupid because why go against someone if they are a different color and have theiron beliefs itis rediculous people can get on with people with different backgrounds racism is just unecessary!!!
  • I think racism is ignorance and fear of the unknown, but everyone has a right to there own opinion. I don't like vicious dogs like Pit Bulls and Rotweiler. I would beconsidered a racist, because there a breed of animals.
  • The same as it is in intolerance of any kind
  • i have a jokey take on racism, unless its meant maliciously. i joke around a lot about race with my friends as i'm the only indian person in my group of friends but i never mean the things i say and i make sure the people i'm with know that. now when it gets serious and hurtful then i'm ready to open a can of whoop ass lol.
  • A very common, douchebag way of thinking. Its a mindframe that keeps one comfortable by escaping culpability for your his or her own faults.
  • I treat everybody no matter what shade of skin they have with respect.And I expect them to treat me the same. We have a case going on in the UK where a Asian Police Officer has been dismissed as he was not cut out to be a police officer.Due to his religious beliefs he has a beard,and some of the other officers used to laugh and joke about it.He is now suing the local police authority for racial harassment and unfair dismissal,because some of his colleagues laughed at his beard.See the attached photograph.
  • It's like the plague.
  • Most people feel the need to be "better" than others, and racism is the easiest way. "My people are better than yours" mentality. It's cowardice in it's purest form. I was taught at a very early age that the only race is the human race.
  • I think it's natural to be wary of anything that we perceive as being different than ourselves (it's part of the survival instinct) but in this case, logic and reason should trump instinct, not nurture it.
  • I personally believe racists are abnormal. If it were normal, natural, logical and justified we'd all be racists. As it is, only some are and I do believe they are a tiny bit mentally unstable...whether they are born that way or are trained that way, it is not a good thing to be a racist. Happy Friday! :)
  • im sick of hearing about it. it is what it is. there is always gonna be racism. theres always gonna be people who hate other people just cause theyre different. chris rock said it best. "the most racist people are old black men. I'm sick of hearing black people complain about racism. I've seen a polar bear riding a tricycle but ive never seen a family of native americans eatin at a red lobster."
  • My take? It is much easier to like someone than it is to dislike them. In order to hate someone it takes a lot of energy because it has to be constant & negative. It will emotionally drain you in no time. "hating" a person you have never spoke to or know nothing about doesn't make the hated person look bad - it makes the 'hater' look like an idiot for not even making an attempt to find out what it is about the person they hate so much. I mean really - how many times have you seen a child not eat something they've NEVER tasted because they "didn't like it"? First thing you say or think is something like "How do you know, you've NEVER even tried it"! Racism is alot like that - People disliking other people they know nothing about. If after you meet a specific person, that is when you can make the decision on whether to like or dislike THAT specific individual. If you don't like someone AFTER you know them it's no longer racism - it's then considered - "Just don't like em". Heck yes some younger races tend to make it easy to put them into a group and label them all as a whole but until you talk to each and everyone in that race and get their half of the whole - then a factual decision can be made. Wops, Honkeys, Spicks, Niggers, Chinks, Gooks, Pans heads, Crackers and all the other stupidity people have come up with is nothing more than one person NOT knowing about the other half that is needed to make a factual decision on whether to like someone or not. Ignorance is Ignorance because it's knowledge not yet gained - Stupidity is someone who is able to gain knowledge but is too stupid to make an attempt. I'm born and raised in Michigan (and it's freezing). I have been to many other states and my take is this - Southern Hospitality is WAY underrated! I have NEVER been treated better than I have when I stayed in Houston Texas. Their home was mine as soon as I arrived and they didn't even know me, never set eyes on me before. The African Americans that I met down there were the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I was in 5th ward and 3rd ward (it's bad areas) I didn't see any other race than African American in those areas (or the whole time I was visiting Houston). But I will say this much - The people that I met who didn't know anything about me were nothing but great! My own race hasn't even treated me or anyone for that mater as well as I was treated in Houston! They probably do have some bad apples down south but I didn't find any worms :)
  • Racism is a sickness. The real question is, "How do you feel?"

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