• CEOs are often the owners of the company...if the company I owned was doing well I'd certainly be rolling in the bucks too.
  • Nope. There is risk and reward in every job. Tell the "average" worker to get some skills and become above-average. I have no sympathy for the "average" worker.
  • There are a lot of CEOs who don't make nearly that much money, assuming the average worker makes 20k a year. The average CEO doesn't make 12 million. Hate on hedge fund managers, those guys are right bastards.
  • So it is ok for a ceo to make 7 million and the average worker makes 40k and is struggling to make ends meet. In 1962 the CEO of a company made 12 times the average worker and the economy was fine and nobody was complaining. It is a travesty that Americans are complacent and don't do anything about it. If we dropped the compensation to 1 mill a year and the CEO was not happy, I am sure there would be a line around the block of qualified Americans to take that job. Wake up America!!!!!!!
  • Someguy needs to think, he also needs to get real. He has "no respect" for the average worker. Sounds like a spoilt brat to me. Does he not go out to resturants, or shop at supermarkets, where these average workers serve him? Sure, he has "no respect" for the average hard working american, but like so many he has no problem in using the services provided by them so he can enjoy his own life. He'd probably be the first person complaning if he woke up tomorrow and all the stores were closed, or the prices were jacked up sky high because all the average workers got their ph.d's and now demanded higher wages for their time! People like him make me sick in the stomach!

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