• yes my history teacher once said that the tobacco companies are the best at propaganda. they pretty much package and are selling people death
  • In a nutshell...
  • Yes it is, I know a lot of people died from drugs in the last 3 yrs and lot of them are young kids like my neighbor.
  • Sure and while your at it how about Hostess, Coca-cola, McDonalds, and Anheuser-Busch.
  • Yes just as cigarettes, booze and over eating are. As well as video games if you sit in front of them all day and never get out and get any exercise. There are so many ways we kill ourselves anymore, its sad. Good question.
  •'s not like we live forever...and it's not like most of our lives are going to be very spectacular. But, to answer your question, yeah, indirectly.
  • Are you talking about prescription (I know way too many people messed up on RX drugs) or street drugs? Weed or Meth (there is a huge difference)? There are too many variables, to give a correct answer, you need to be more specific, with your question.
  • some drugs can only destroy your perception of reality, I would know, Im clean as a whistle now, I think there should be some clarification here...
  • Well it's also paying to experience extreme pleasure and that's worth it to some people...for a while.
  • If your drug of choice is arsenic, the yes.
  • For this to be true, the drugs being bought and used would have to kill. Many people buy and use drugs, stop, and continue to live. Moreover, most people buy and use drugs for the high, not to die. So in most cases, the answer is no.
  • Yes I suppose so. But some people enjoy drugs. Is climbing Mt. Everest, where a considerable fraction of climbers die, paying to kill yourself? Some people think it's worth the risk.
  • No... that's like saying doing things to keep yourself alive is in the end... paying to kill yourself... eventually.
  • I believe it is.
  • Pretty much! Including caffeine, nicotine and alcohol!
  • if your buying and smokin weed then no. if your doing the same with meth or coke then yea
  • Isin't buying pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the symptoms of a mental health issue paying to destroy your liver and be let down after a short period of time and have to be switched to something else... Something that also can't tell you why it works, gaurantee if it will work at all and not make you any promises as far as side effects and other long term health issues such as Tardive dyskinesia? Drug and alcohol addiction, happens as a direct result of an un diagnosed and un medicated mental illness in 90% of all addicts. For some people... It is easier, and offers the sufferer more relief than pharmaceuticals and at least with street drugs... You KNOW what you are getting yourself into and there is a certain comfort and familarity there that pharmaceuticals and mental health professionals for all their uncertainty and guess work, can't provide you. Even when you pay them. So...
  • Depends on what you are spending your money on. Some drugs can affect your health and some dont.
  • that isnt what the medical profession wants us to believe. drugs are meant to prolong life in a positive manner.

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