• no but i think it would make life easier :)
  • It would put a smile on my face.
  • Sure it would...then my husband could retire and spend more time with me. And that would make me happy.
  • yes, my bf could play poker in Vegas and i could lay by the pool
  • Nope, but give me the power to make others miserable, too.
  • Not if it was Shirley Jackson's version of the lottery...
  • Couldn't hurt..
  • The statistices of those who go bankrupt within 6 years of winning a large lottery are incredible. Something like 75%. Most people believe that all, or most of their problems would disappear if they were to acquire a large amount of money. But consider the other popular myths, such as "if only that man/woman would love me the way I love her/him" and those relationships end in divorce. What we think we want is seldom what we are equipped to use. When the money comes in slowly, and builds slowly, we learn how to deal with it. When relationships begin slowly and build over time, they are usually more successful. There's a message here.
  • Absolutely! Even tho' I've heard ALL the horror stories, I'd at least like to try it awhile!
  • I don't know about happier. Maybe. As long as you aren't crazy with it and can manage it well. Think of all the people that could be help either directly or indirectly. If I could take financial worries from my parents and family and help friends and others, it would probably make me feel happy.
  • Frankly yes. I would be able to set up my own business (no matter how big or small) and be the boss of my own company. I no longer have to work for someone else! Buy a house... world travel... financial security. Yes, I would be a lot happier.
  • It would definitely give me some financial security for the next few years.
  • Winning the lottery would solve some of my problems, and that would make me happier, so I'll go with yes. I'm willing to give it a shot!
  • To be perfectly honest, yes. I know I sometimes go on about the perils of greed and all that junk, but I'm in a moderate amount of debt, and I would really love to at least have a chance to wipe the slate clean in order to focus on more important things in my life.
  • I'm sure it wouldn't make me more unhappy! Its a chance I'd be willing to take. :)
  • Winning the lottery, while it seems great, may lead to unhappiness. Some studies have shown that lottery winners become less happy over time. They start to lose their friends. If they move into a new, nicer neighborhood, their neighbors (likely to be "old money") will label the lottery winner as "new money" and not associate with them. Buying things just doesn't bring the same amount of happiness it once did. These are just a few of the many things. So, given this, do I think that winning the lottery would make me happier? No, probably not. Besides, it's also been shown that once you're above the poverty level, the amount of money you have has minimal effects on one's happiness.
  • Damn right.
  • I would pay off my house and keep driving the same car. Gone would be those credit card bills! I would be happy knowing that I would never lose my home, could afford the college fees for my kids, help my siblings out with their finances, and have my husband around to travel with. I would probably end up giving the rest of it away to schools, nursing homes, and those in need. That would make me very happy knowing I could help them.
  • I'd like to give it a try S any tips? :o)
  • No it wouldn't for an extended period of time. At first it will great and I would be happier, but owning material possesions doesn't satisfy inner desires. Just think back to the last "thing" that you had to have, and eventually, you got it. Are you any happier now than you were before you owned it? Doubt it. We will never be satisfied with what we have. Thats why there are rich people who are miserable and poor people who are happy, despite living a much harder life.
  • Yes. I'd probably just leave it sitting in a bank and go on living life as usual. The only difference is that i will have greater peace of mind knowing that i can deal with life's surprises like getting cancer or needing ransom money. I'd also probably splurge with the interest i earn from it.
  • hell yeah. people that say money cant buy happiness obviously dont no how to spend it!
  • Oh yeah, our dream of travel around the world would come true.
  • I know that winning the lottery would make my whole family happy
  • Of course, We live in a material world. I would pay off all my relatives debt. Donate to the church, orphange. Buy myself a new car and house.

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