• Because this is his view, probably taught to him by his father and his father etc.
  • he doesnt want his gay lover to ever get the idea that some day he will leave the mrs and get hiched to him? or he could be scared that all queers some day will be equal and even further more RULE THE WORLD!
  • Religion and tradition. We are still a fairly young country! It takes time.
  • because he is towing the line of the right wing religious bigots who have kept him in power!!
  • i don't understand the hate this guy generates on this issue. i wish someone would explain it? his stand was no different thin gore's or kerry's. he threatened an amendment that had no chance of passing. clinton was much more anti gay than he is. EX. doma, dadt if anything he can be considered gay friendly. he left gay marriage alone when it needed it. he's really done nothing on this issue in the 8 years he's been president except run his mouth. he's even got in trouble with the evangelicals over it. in application he's been an effective closeted gay supporter. please explain???
  • Because he prefers to perpetuate bigotry and hatred, instead of the equal rights that should be offered by the Constitution. +2
  • Because he owes the Religious Right BIGTIME for their support in getting him elected. Gay marriage and reproductive rights were used as a major wedge issue to mobilize fundamentalist groups to get out and vote (for Bush) thanks to boy-genius Karl Rove's strategies and distortions. Now these groups are expecting payback, and pressuring Bush to follow through on his promises to them (guess that makes them pretty stupid, expecting a president to do what he promised during a campaign).
  • Probably covering up his own homosexuality.
  • Maybe he is trying to handle the situation biblically.
  • He doesn't believe in separation of church and state and sees nothing wrong with imposing his personal/religious beliefs on the laws of this country. Makes you wonder what other minority group he'd try to legally discriminate against if he could get away with it. He has no business being president.
  • I would like to know why bush is so hostile, too.
  • because hes scared we will find out about him and rumsfeld.
  • God knows. I don't think he knows himself. He doesn't know how to govern a country so do you really care what his opinions is????

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