• Computer Use: - Related to Intelligence. Used with computer spikes to access computer terminals. Harder tasks require more spikes. This skill reduces the number of spikes needed by 1 for every 4 points total. - A good skill to invest in when playing as Scouts and Scoundrels. Because you don't have the vitality and strength of a Soldier, you have to rely on alternative tactics. Being able to reprogram a a gun turret to fire on enemy soldiers or unlock a door without the need of a passcard can save you from having to battle your way through many areas. Demolitions: - Related to Intelligence. Used to set or disable mines of low (DC15 to set), medium (DC20 to set), or high difficulty (DC25 to set). Disarming adds +5 to the DC. Recovery adds +10. Cannot be used untrained. - Another alternative to heavy melee combat that all Scouts and especially Scoundrels should utilize. Mines set by player characters, can't be triggered by fellow party members so don't be afraid to place them at your leisure. Luring enemies into trails of mines is the best way to utilize them. Stealth: - Related to Dexterity. Enables the use of stealth field generators and Stealth mode. Combat cancels Stealth mode. Cannot be used untrained. - Striking the first hit in combat is often crucial to victory. Enabling the Stealth skill before combat and sneaking up on an enemy will often result in a critical hit. Use this to your advantage against some of the stronger opponents within the game. As a Scoundrel, you should utilize this skill for every battle you possibly can. Awareness: - Related to Wisdom. Helps spot hidden objects or enemies. This skill is checked against an enemy's Stealth skill or DC of a mine. If successful, the enemy or object becomes visible. Awareness is always active, but running imparts a -5 penalty. - Ever wonder why you were walking/running along and had an explosion go off under your feet? Well, chances are if this happened, your Awareness skill wasn't high enough. Not very important as a soldier because of their high vitality, but something you might want to put some points in while playing as a Scoundrel. Some of the stronger mines will kill a Scoundrel in a single hit if your Awareness isn't high enough to spot. Keep this in mind while levelling up your Scoundrel. Persuade: - Related to Charisma. Persuade dialogue options use friendly coercion to press for sensitive information or avoid conflict. Higher skill allows for more extreme requests. Only available to the main player-created character. - Most important skill regardless of class. Start putting kill points into Persuade as early as your first level. There are a ton of opportunities both Dark and Light, where you can use Persuade to gain double the reward for a quest, certain items and even avoid potentially dangerous battles. Of course it works the other way as well. You can Persuade your way into danger as well so be careful with your choices. Repair: - Related to Intelligence. Used with disposable parts to fix disabled droids. More difficult repair jobs require more parts. This skill reduces the number of parts required by 1 for every 4 points total. Also modifies vitality points recovered when used by party member droids to repair combat damage. - If you plan on using HK-47 or T3-M4 a lot during the game, then you better invest a fair number of points into their Repair Skill. Scoundrels need every advantage they can get in battle, so this is a great skill for them to invest in so they can repair damaged droids to help them in combat. Security: - Related to Wisdom. Used to open electronic locks. Appears as an option on the targeted locked objects. Security spikes in Inventory will also appear as a default option and add to the skill if selected. Only available if the character has paid points into this skill. Cannot be used untrained. - Not very useful at the beginning of the game, but at later stages of Kotor you'll come across a fair of bit doors that are incredibly hard to unlock, even with a high Security Skill. Within some of these locked doors contain incredibly powerful or useful items, so make sure at least one character has a high Security rank. Also, having a high Security skill can save you a lot of trouble in having to search for passcards to unlock certain doors. Treat Injury: - Related to Wisdom. This skill is added to the vitality points healed by MedPacs. Higher quality packs apply multipliers to further increase the amount healed. - Essential skill for players that see combat, and see it often. Soldiers and Jedi Guardians should invest many skill points towards this particular skill early. Found on:

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