• Not 100% sure, but i know one of the current trends is people moving to were every they are getting the bride and living there for a while. Studies show the brides trend to bolt after getting to the states.
  • There are at least two ways that I know of. One is to contact someone on an internet site that specialized in couples meeting each other. There is no agency involved. My son met his former wife that way. The other is to contact an agency that women register with, and the agency makes the arrangements. For more information, see this link:
  • the ads on the right of this question would seem to explain your question quite well. many women want usa citizenship, thats why they run away. or they want an instant devorce and alimony payments to finance their stay here.
  • you probably order a bride and then get married, maybe i should try that since noone wants to marry me
  • You sign on to get a girl who wants money or a green card. Quite often they want the money before you get the property and there will be pitiful stories why that money is needed. They will overwhelm you with needinesd, subservient attitude and compliments. They may want a K-1 Visa.

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