• Nothing necessarily, it just means you've aquired a troll. Thats all, nothing serious : ) +5
  • Screenshot, this twerp needs to get a life. -3 EDIT: Kudos to all you wonderful people out there. Free points from me to all that reply!
  • yes with all the -1 sounds like a troll working here or you pissed off a low ranking member.
  • The link you posted will take people to their own profiles, but that aside, I went to your profile and I see what you mean. I got the same treatment after I told a certain new user with a 32% + ratings given percentage that he was a troll, more or less. Try to ignore it. Turn your ratings notification off. He'll run out of negative ratings after 20 or so, and then he can't give any you more for a week.
  • Have a +5 from me by way of medicine for bad trollache :o)
  • Regrettably it is something that you come to expect on weekends. You get all the -1 trolls on site and have to put up with the others too. Just take it for granted you will get these stupid drive byes on weekends . They do not seem to know how to write so they just use the mouse on the neg button.
  • its just the troll time of the month, here's +5 for the pain..:)+
  • You've got a troll. What are you going to name him?
  • Don't worry it's just a troll..I have one right now who's tailing me around...kinda makes me feel important..LOL ..they are totally ineffectual...just feel sorry for them and move on..or if it really gets to you --you can change the system so that it never shows whether you have been Uprated or Downrated on a question..just uncheck 'ratings'...but as I say..every one has them and they are harmless..just ignore them..:) But here are some points to make everyone feel better on this question :)
  • You're being trolled. They will downrate your Q&As' no matter what you've put just to do it out of spite.
  • Guess you could report it through feedback. You have the images (not completely readable here), so give the date(s) in it, but the staff may be able to do something about it. (Kinda stupid to do this to someone. It's VERY obvious it's an attack. This is a MAJOR no-no on AB!) Here's +5.
  • Is he back?
  • Oh dear its sad that some people are that pathetic they need to hound others like this. Hopefully they'll get bored soon. Until then i'll + you everytime I see one of your posts to even things out :)

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