• We are born into sin; hence, naturally evil; however, when accept Jesus as our Saviour, as I have done and countless others have done as well, then our sins become cleansed. This doesn't give us license to live anyway that we see fit, but id does guarantee that we will see God and Jesus in Heaven and spend eternity with them when we pass away provided that one accpets Jesus as his or her Saviour. I hope this helps to ansewr your question!
  • I believe that there are people who are naturally good or evil but very few. I think for most people it is a combination of environment, genetics, divine intervention and personal choice. I say that there is some personal choice and divine intervention because there are people who come from horrible backgrounds and family histories but they still turn out well.
  • We all say we want peace, but we don't believe in it or even practice it. Because everyone has conflicting ideals as to what the definition of peace actually is. Peace is only a temporary delusional fantasy, its just a momentary lapse of reason in a universe of chaos. It is mans quest to follow their beliefs and religions, these excuses, to write off human iniquity, to seek out his own end no matter the costs, oh, and with total disregard or compassion for the value of human life and human rights and liberty. In short humans are very territorial and very much an instictive warlike people with very little resolve, but they do possess a raging malice and discontent for their own species. This persona of the human species nature, is powered by fear, and a loss of control over that power, this is all psychologicaly subliminal, smoldering deep in the subconcious, but it's there. Thus humanbeings have placed Gods, Political Leaders, and Personalities to assist us in leading and manipulating our own lives. Yet we have granted them this power of control only subliminally, because it is our nature to worship something greater than ourselves. This subliminal, subconcious beleif, totally displaces what many would call true Anarchy, (but only temporarily) where government is obliterated and the people are under self rule, and seek out justice "tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye", many believe this to be the ultimate end, and only then will a true vision of peace reign. A pure warlike society, the perfect peace.
  • The old Locke and Hobbes question. You see unfortunately this question is unable to be answered. Since humans have been influenced by nonnatural leisure items suchs as Alcohol, T.V., etc... People cannot be in their primative state because they know better. In my personal opinion I believe strongly that humans are naturally good but with all the modern influences they have become selfish and greedy.
  • I believe that this question can be debated upon forever but the fact remains that as older humans we assume to know what is right and what is wrong therefore determining what we consider evil or good. But if we take what we know to be evil and good as older humans and apply it to say a young child or toddler where their only focus is on the self and getting what is wanted, does this selfish attidude and lack of thought for others make a human that has been unable to tell good from bad yet naturally evil? In this sense it appears that humans have naturally evil traits and the way that a human is raised determines if they will gain good traits later in life and do good things. Due to this I believe that humans may start out with what is considered bad or evil.All humans have the power to change it is just a matter of growing out of the traits that have been considered bad by normal standards and develope into better humans in a sense that they have good morals and judgement to apply through out life. Please remark on my thoughts as i would like to see what other people think about this.
  • I myself am neutral. I like the dark and I like the light. I like the bad in some and I like the good in others. I think the desicions you make in your life, reflect upon your nature, whether your good or evil, you choose your path....remeber that......
  • Well half of us are definitely evil, as shown by one of my favourite 'maths proofs'- Women are the product of time and money so- Women = Time x money, But we all know that time is money, so time=money, so- Women = money x money Women = (money)^2 But money is the root of all evil, so money= root(evil), so- Women = (root(evil))^2 Women = evil No offense anyone, just think it's funny! But seriously, I don't think that people are born evil, they are predisposed to being nicer/nastier than others, but it is not predetermined. I do believe that all people are born selfish, and that even the kind acts we see people do are driven by selfish urges, although most are instinctive. This is because of the nature of evolution, put forward brilliantly in 'The Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins over 30 years ago1
  • I think naturally indifferent is a good compromise.
  • Neither. The definition of both evil and good varies depending on what the person using those terms wants them to mean. Evil and good are relative.
  • We're prone to being good. It's basic human nature to be sociable with one another and have good intentions. The evil people out there are the rare exceptions.
  • Human are born with an Empty Mind with no knowledge of Good nor evil, therfor Good and Evil are Learned
  • I believe people are born with good intentions. I believe the Lord made them that way, in the beginning. the devil was introduced for temptation. Now comes showtime. The earth is the stage and each human must make decisions.....right or wrong. thus the devil. Its the final outcom that matters. Choose wisely.................
  • everyone has written such thought provoking answers and i enjoyed reading them all...very good question but maybe the answer is as simple as "both" ? what kind of person you become depends on which "shoulder you listen to"....just a thought :)
  • Naturally evil. Blaming modern society is merely blaming the symptom for the disease. The story of Cain and Abel is emblematic of the human condition. Jealousy, anger, and self-centeredness are not learned. Even babies display these characteristics long before they understand language.
  • Good, we 're trying!
  • When a Human is being born, The Brain is empty, with no knowledge of Good nor evil. Our surroundings fills that mind. So if the babys surrounding is Evil, that baby may grow up Evil

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