• I've heard that's a load of crap.
  • Found this answer online when someone asked the same question: "Yes. It is true. Its because your whole just relaxes, including bladder and bowels. 1 month ago Source(s): I'm a RN and have taken care of several people after they've passed." I remember when my childhood pet dog died, she pooed.
  • Thats true in a sense but not all waste will exit the body. and Not everyones does so. The bowels don't empty but the contents of the intestines do. It is the muscles that allow us to walk around without our waste just dropping out of us and when those muscles relax what is in the intestines are free to flow out.
  • Yes, once they die there contracts are fulfilled.
  • yes, but not completely. whatever waste is in you that can escape through gravity will when there is no muscle control to hold it in.
  • i'm an rn and have worked in the er for a long time....have seen many people die from many different things and i must say that i've seen it only on occasion~it seems to be more common in deaths occuring from some sort of GI problem and/or can pretty much count on those everytime but with things like acute mi, stroke or some type of death via trauma....only on rare occasion.
  • Some do, some don't. Some wait for the mortician to begin work.
  • Why don't you try it.
  • yes. while you're alive you're using your sphincter muscle to hold your **** in. when you die, that muscle relaxes and the body defecates. funeral personnel who come to remove the body are used to this happening.
  • only if its not been emptied earlier

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