• I would feel like a fool and ashamed, but at the same time, the day I realize I suck in something I thought I was good in is the day I learn something more, so I'd at least have that to console myself with.
  • Well, it happened to me. In the Higher School Certificate, I was only at 70% for my Indonesian results. I was devastated. Then I found out that it was my history essays that let me down and that my language was very high. I went on to do an honours degree in Indonesian and Malayan Studies, and taught Indonesian. During my time as a teacher, I had to teach overseas students how to write the history essays...I had learnt from my mistakes, and my students came in the top few percent of the state, despite having never written an essay until 9 months before they sat the exam.
  • I would gain the knowledge I needed and improve myself.
  • I would be devastated and work very hard to make sure that it never happened again.
  • I'd be suprised, then I'd learn why and how I made the mistake and relearn it.
  • Yep... I did GREAT in Algebra and Trig in college (missed a total of 2 points, I believe) the first semester. Then I took the continuation - Calculus... Got a D. I think the problem there was the teacher had a VERY strong accent, and I couldn't understand a lot of what he said. I'd also been spoiled by the notes the Alg/Trig teacher had put on the board, and this guy didn't. Since I PASSED, I didn't take this again. The other, SURPRISE, was failing Creative Writing. I'd been writing songs and poems for YEARS by the time I took the class. I did (what I thought) was all the homework, and turned it in. Turns out I was wrong, and I failed the class. Took it again next semester and passed with flying colors.

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