• The ex showing up at the same family Christmas dinner and no one warning you ahead of time.
  • Christmas of 63 our house caught fire and burned to the ground. no one was seriously hurt but we lost everything.
  • I broke my foot on the 3rd day of a 10 day vacation. That wasn't any fun at all.
  • I was in Egypt and i booked in for a facial at the hotel and it was a man doing it,well he had no idea what he was doing and he was that ham fisted that the next morning i looked like i had gone 5 rounds with Ali..i reported him to the management he should not be doing facials if he didnt know how to do them.
  • One Christmas, my sewer backed up, that was not fun.
  • wen iwent to spain, on the way there in the airport when you collect your bags, mine had broken and on the conveyer belt thing, all my stuff was everywhere. was sooo embarasing!
  • I was phoning my bf everyday, and everyday I noticed he sounded sad, and after days of nagging he told me. His parents were splitting up. I felt so bad. He told me he didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to ruin my holiday. I felt bad because I dragged it out of him!
  • I got food poisoning in Rio de Janeiro. That was pretty unpleasant, at least for a couple of days.
  • One Thanksgiving, I drove out of town to my Aunts for the holiday and my older brother stole my car, got into a high speed pursuit with the police and totalled out my car.
  • Going on a long awaited skiing holiday and my little daughter falling over and breaking her arm 10 minutes after we arrived. Awww...
  • nothing!... usually good things happen on these occasions
  • As a believer that you turn lemons into lemonade when necessary, as long as I have arrived on holiday and returned home on holiday safe and reasonably on time, then all is well. I have had "lost luggage" for 3 weeks (it never did catch up to me and was sent home), I have had food poisoning, been a victim of a attempted purse snatch on the street and had hotel reservations cancelled but managed somehow.
  • I was chased by a homeless man, who had burned a very deep cut on his arm. I think he had mental problems. I was in Frankfurt, Germany on the U-bahn.
  • My mother died.
  • My mom finally passed away after a prolonged illnes.

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