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  • In the one I'm in..Very much so.
  • yes, plenty of times, especially in the one i am in now...he knows more about me than i have ever known...and he's seeing me...which takes a lot to break down walls i do feel that way..
  • In past relationships, what type of vulnerable?
  • I'm not clear what you mean by vulnerable. I think that in any relationship that is based on trust and hope and the good things means that you open yourself up and become vulnerable...That is what makes friendships and lovers::: the fact that they know the truth about you: they know who you are; you are vulnerable to them: you are absolutely open to them: you trust them not to mis-use that trust.
  • doesn't everyone at some stage, isn't that part of the 'growing' aspect?
  • Always because to love someone completely you have to open up your heart and allow the other person in and once there they can surely hurt you terribly if they are not careful. But without that, they can't reach your heart. They can't become one with you.
  • Yes,but I got over it.
  • A few times I felt the rush was put on me to get married. I was 36 the last time it happened.

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