• Always depends on the application it's used for.
  • Revised after comments by PokkiTokki, and others Always depends on the application it's used for. PokkiTokki If you need the time the fastest way is to look at your watch For 3D, MIPS powered Silicon Graphics SGI in some situations. poljot256 If you need protein folding/world weather the faster way use a supercomputer BlueGene/L or NEC-SX-9 examples high performance supercomputer computers Performance rated in MIPS and FLOPS. And that describes the processing speed, not the speed of the computer. No CPU can do anything useful without memory access. And that is where things start to get interesting. RAM access is very slow in comparison to CPU speed, and smart memory access architecture becomes horribly complex the more CPUs you add to a system (bye bye simple caching). Then you can turn the performance of a system entirely upside down by using the wrong algorithms for a certain problem that may have worked fine on a single CPU system of one kind and crawl on systems that are supposedly faster, but have a very different architecture. There is no simple "this is the fastest". Never has been, never will. Too many factors and too many different usage patterns PokkiTokki BUT I STILL LOVE MY MAC G5 OSX It works for me OK, and I have it at home so for ME its the fastest. If you have a faster one that you want to give to me free please email.
  • A POWER6 IBM RS-6000, or a NEC SX-9 Vector supercomputer.

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