• nice for a romantic meal, but not for a chilled meal
  • I like dinning out in fine restaurants. I pay between $12 and $25, I prefer the less expensive places, but we indulge from time to time.
  • They're good for special occasions where you're supposed to be fancy. But I'd be more comfortable where I can eat with my hands, use my sleeve as an extra napkin and let out a nice burp and not get any strange looks.
  • Fine dining usually means a nice meal, stuffy is how you define stuffy. Eating mitts to mouth out of a recyclable box with a "Mc" on it, isn't fine dining. Sitting down in what usually passes as a suit/tie or evening dress, enjoying an aperitif with your meal ( not snack) and with friends isn't stuffy. If it is, you need to find other friends or yours need to. Having a meal that makes you remember where it was served, is what makes "fine dining" a fine experience.
  • Too stuffy and not worth it.
  • Nice sometimes for a special occasion, nothing is stuffy if you make yourself comfortable in the atmosphere.
  • It depends on what you mean by "fine dining." My hometown isn't the place to go to find a five-star restaurant, but we've got more than our fair share of upscale chain places. I tend to find, though, that the fancier the restaurant, the less able I am to digest what they serve. I'm a good Midwesterner: meat and potatoes are my meat and potatoes.
  • I cant afford them so to me it dont matter.
  • A "nice" restaurant occasionally is nice for a special occasion, but I'm not comfortable going to such restaurants on a regular basis. To me, they are over-priced and yes, "stuffy." I was born in the south and grew up in the midwest. I'm a meat and potatoes, BBQ, pizza kind of gal, and so are my friends and family.
  • The foods taste different than drive throughs.
  • I'd prefer an intimate home cooked meal any day!
  • i think its a good place to have a meal
  • A general meaning of fine dining is good food. Moreover, for occasions, they can be a good place to look for.

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