• I picked up my Don Quixote ready to give it a go this year and saw it was the abridged version. I was shocked and apalled, even outraged because I had this book for years, got it through a book club. So I had to go out and buy the real deal. Of course now that I have the real deal and it's a whole lot heftier I don't know when I'm going to read it but that's another matter. Does anyone else feel this way? Abridged or unabridged?
  • Unabridged. I listen to a lot of books on tape. I only like unabridged books.
  • definately unabridged - i like the real thing
  •'s the director's cut of books
  • Unabridged and complete, untouched.
  • Unabridged.
  • OMG if it's NOT unabridged, I wouldn't touch it with a 13 1/2 foot pole!! I HATE ABRIDGED BOOKS.........if you don't wanna take the time to read the ENTIRE thing, why bother with an abridgement? and also, who's to say that what 'they' left out should have been left out? see what I mean...DOWN WITH ABRIDGEMENTS. LOL :-D

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