• Can they? Sure, anybody can. Should they? I'd say that's up to the couple, don't you think? Depends on your beliefs. I wouldn't use that statement to try and pressure somebody into it, but if you both believe the same's up to you.
  • I would say before a cort not so important but you should find a minister willing to preform a ceremony (there some that will do this) he may requier premarital counsling or at least some understanding of your commitment to each other. To just have sex based on a feeling of being married is dangerous ground for your christian walk "the heart is decitfull above all things". Commitments cost time and money and sacrifice If you are trying to get around that I would question your commitment
  • The bible says that you must abide by the laws of the land so I say that you cant be married before God since the only way to be married is well...legally. Its sounds like you are just wanting to have if you are asking is it ok for Christians to have sex before marriage thats another thing...if you cant wait any longer.....hop a plane to vegas :) My husband and I waited until we were married and while it was hard I wouldnt change it for anything! Best of luck!!

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