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  • I didn't know their was rules to dating a siblings friend you can date whomever you like sis/brother will have to get over it.
  • Don't kiss your sibling's friend in front of your sibling. :)
  • If you are close witht he sibling, I would suggest talking to them about it first. Not really asking permission, but getting their take on it. Even if they are against the idea, that doesn't mean that you can not still see if things will work out anyway.
  • there are no rules dude. its a free world
  • None. This isn't Italy in the 1600s. You're free to date who you want. If sis or bro don't like it tough shit. Also I don't believe it's wrong to date friends' siblings either.
  • there are no rules just common sense depending on how close you are to the friend the more of the chance that it wouldn't work out for your relationship or your friendship if you do end up going out your really only going out on a physical basis not like you really had the chance to get to know them really but you can't stop love i guess

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