• It would break down. Seize is the likely one.
  • First it will start ticking, then The engine will blow.
  • The engine will just smoke and stop!
  • the gunk in your oil will eventually solidify, clog up the oil pump, and/or causing the pistons to seize in the cylinders, . You will have to replace the engine.
  • Eventually your oil will lose it's lubricating properties and your engine will burn and seize up.
  • Oil doesn't wear out. The additives used for many reasons are eventually eliminated allowing acids in the oil from combustion to eat away at the internal metals eventually causing engine break down from excessive corrosion. By replacing the oil filter at specified intervals by the manufacture and the adding of fresh oil to replace that lost in the oil filter and normal usage the engine could/should last as long as normal wear dictates.
  • not sure but i wouldnt try it
  • Oil degrades over time. Dark oil indicates dirt or contaminants, and will damage engine parts.
  • eirther it will burn it all and eventually seize the engine due to no oil, or the dirty oil will block the oil pick up in the sump and starve the engine of oil and seize the engine it will take a long time. Newer engines with thinner oil are more vulerable for the old engines of the 80's a once a year oil change was all I gave them and they never gave any problems
  • The engine will seize.
    • 11stevo73
      how long will it take?

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