• Family ForestĀ® Saint Louis IX, King of France CD-ROM is available at: People will be astounded to see the enormous and far-reaching genetic migration that was set in motion by one person who lived eight centuries ago. In this case, the person was not only a Saint; he was "one of the greatest of all French Kings." People will also see that when it comes to ancestral history, the concept of "6 Degrees of Separation" shrinks to "2 Degrees of Separation." Just travel upstream from one person to the common ancestor, and then travel back downstream through another path to the other person. For instance, according to recorded history each person in the list in the second paragraph below connects to every other person (cousin) in that list (plus probably more than one billion other distant cousins) in this manner. President Bush, to Saint Louis, to Senator Kerry. Clint Eastwood, to Saint Louis, to Michael Douglas. Katharine Hepburn, to Saint Louis, to Princess Diana. And on and on. This one unique Family Forest eBook title, the Family Forest Descendants of Louis IX The Saint, King of France, presented in Adobe pdf format, contains 5,272 pages of surprising ancestral history discoveries, gleaned from a very large number of fascinating and enriching historical and genealogical books and periodicals (see, about the lives of 43,860 different people who lived during the last eight centuries. In addition, it has a very detailed 744 page index, and the entire knowledge publication is printable. Fully sourced lineage-linked lines of descent are shown for many of Saint Louis' well-known Family Forest descendants (according to recorded history) in this book, including Mormon leader Brigham Young, US President George Washington, US President Thomas Jefferson, Governor Thomas "The Signer" Nelson, Caesar "The Signer" Rodney, General William "The Signer" Floyd, Phillip "The Signer" Livingston, Governor Patrick Henry, Governor Stephen "The Signer" Hopkins, Robert Treat "The Signer" Paine, Emperor Napoleon I, Governor Meriwether "The Explorer" Lewis, US President John Quincy Adams, US President Ulysses S. Grant, Charles Darwin, Chief Justice John Marshall, Montgomery Clift, Katharine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, General Robert E. Lee, US President James Monroe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, US Vice President Hannibal Hamlin, Governor Joshua Hopkins Marvil (inventor of plywood), General Douglas MacArthur, General George S. Patton, Lee Marvin, Admiral Richard Byrd, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., J. P. Morgan, Aldous Huxley, US President Teddy Roosevelt, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Patrick MacNee, Orson Welles, Helen Keller, US President Calvin Coolidge, Charles Willson Peale, Jack London, George Orwell, Elisa Howe, Jr., "Jock" and "Sonny" Whitney (financiers of "Gone With The Wind"), Sir Winston Churchill, US President Grover Cleveland, US President Franklin Pierce, US President Richard Nixon, the National Geographic Grosvenors, the Ford and Firestone heirs, Norman Rockwell, Michael Douglas, Gloria Grahame, Georgia O'Keeffe, Dame Edith Sitwell, Anne (Morrow) Lindbergh, Catherine Oxenberg, both US Presidents Bush, Senator John Forbes Kerry, plus the British Royal Family and far too much other royalty and nobility to name individually. Some of the surnames of Saint Louis' descendants are Abbe, Abbott, Abell, Aborn, Acton, Adams, Aiken, Alexander, Alfriend, Alger, Allen, Allyn, Alrich, Alsop, Ammidown, Amory, Anderson, Andrews, Andross, Appleton, Arbuckle, Archer, Armistead, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Ashley, Ashton, Ashworth, Askin, Aspinwall, Astaire, Astor, Atherton, Atmore, Atwood, Auchincloss, Auger, Avery, Aylett, Bacon, Bachschmidt, Bagley, Bailey, Bainbridge, Baker, Baldwin, Balfour, Ball, Bangs, Bankhead, Banning, Bannister, Banwell, Baptist, Barber, Barbour, Barnard, Barnes, Barney, Barrett, Barrington, Barron, Barrows, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Barton, Bascom, Bassett, Batcheller, Bate, Bates, Bauder, Bayly, Beach, Beal, Beale, Beasley, Beauchamp, Beaufort, Beck, Beckwith, Bedinger, Belasyse, Belcher, Bell, Bellows, Bennett, Benning, Bent, Benton, Berglas, Berkeley, Berlin, Bernard, Bertie, Bethell, Betts, Bevan, Beverley, Bibby, Biddle, Bigelow, Billings, Billingsley, Bingham, Bird, Birdsey, Bishop, Blackburn, Blackmer, Bladen, Blair, Blake, Blakiston, Blakistone, Blanchard, Bland, Blanton, Blodget, Blood, Blount, Blue, Boettiger, Boleyn, Bolles, Bolling, Bonaparte, Bonbright, Booker, Boothby, Borum, Boscawen, Bourchier, Bovis, Bowdoin, Bowen, Bowman, Boyd, Boyle, Brackett, Braddock, Bradford, Brady, Brandon, Breckinridge, Breed, Brent, Brenton, Brereton, Brevoort, Brewer, Brice, Brickell, Bridge, Bridges, Bridgham, Briggs, Bright, Brinckle, Brinckloe, Britton, Brockway, Bromme, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Brudenell, Bruges, Bryan, Bryant, Buck, Buerhaus, Bulkeley, Bulkley, Bullitt, Bulloch, Bunnell, Burd, Burdick, Burgess, Burnham, Burpee, Burris, Burrus, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Bush, Butcher, Butler, Butter, Butterfield, Butterick, Butts, Byrd, Byrne, Cabell, Cadwalader, Cady, Caine, Caldwell, Calhoun, Call, Calvert, Campbell, Campeau, Canby, Canfield, Cannell, Canney, Cannon, Cantacuzene, Capell, Carey, Carhart, Carley, Carlton, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carr, Carrell, Carrington, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Carteret, Carvill, Cary, Caskie, Castleman, Cavendish, Cecil, Chaffee, Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlayne, Chamberlin, Champagne, Chandler, Channing, Chapman, Chase, Chason, Cheever, Cheney, Chesbrough, Chew, Chichester, Childers, Childress, Childs, Chipman, Chisman, Christophers, Church, Churchill, Churchman, Chalk, Chalkley, Choate, Claiborne, Clap, Clapham, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clement, Cleveland, Clifford, Clift, Clinch, Clinton, Clough, Cobb, Cobbs, Cobham, Cochran, Cochrane, Cocke, Cockrill, Codd, Coe, Coffin, Coit, Cole, Coleman, Colesworthy, Coley, Collier, Collins, Colson, Colston, Colton, Comegys, Conant, Congdon, Constable, Conway, Converse, Conyers, Cooch, Cook, Cooke, Coolidge, Coombe, Cooper, Coote, Cope, Corbet, Corbin, Cordner, Cornell, Cornwall, Cornwallis, Corson, Costello, Cotton, Courtenay, Cowles, Cox, Coxe, Cozzens, Craig, Crane, Cranston, Craven, Crichton, Crocker, Crosby, Crossman, Crowell, Crutcher, Culbertson, Culpeper, Cumming, Cummings, Cunningham, Currier, Currin, Curtis, Curzon, Cusack, Cushing, Cushman, Custis, Cushwa, Cutter, Dabney, Dacre, Daingerfield, Dakin, Dale, Dalton, Dame, Dana, Danby, Dandridge, Danvers, Darcy, Darden, Darling, Darnall, Darneal, Darwin, Dashwood, David, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dean, Deaner, Deane, Dearborn, De Coursey, de Forest, Deighton, Delafield, Delano, Denham, Dennis, Dennys, De Peyster, Devereux, Dewell, Dewey, Dexter, di Bonaventura, Dickason, Dickey, Dickinson, Dickson, Digby, Digges, Dighton, Dill, Dillard, Dilworth, Disney, Dixon, Dodge, Dole, Donaldson, Dorrah, Dorrance, Dorsey, Douglas, Douglass, Douthat, Doyle, Drake, Drew, Drummond, Duane, Dudley, Duer, Duffee, Dugger, Dulany, Dunbar, Dungan, Dunham, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunwody, du Pont, Du Puy, Dutton, Dymoke, Earle, Eastman, Eaton, Eberle, Edmondson, Edrington, Edwards, Egerton, Eliot, Elliott, Ellis, Emerson, Emery, Emlen, Emory, Empie, Epes, Eppes, Erskine, Eschenburg, Estabrook, Estes, Eure, Evans, Everard, Everett, Ewing, Fairchild, Fairfax, Fane, Farmer, Farwell, Fatherly, Faulkner, Faxon, Feddeman, Felt, Fenwick, Ferguson, Fergusson, Fernsley, Ferrers, Ferry, Field, Fienes, Filer, Finks, Finney, Firestone, Fisher, Fiske, Fitch, Fitts, Fitz-Alan, Fitzalan, Fitzhugh, Fitz-Randolph, Fitzroy, Flagg, Fleet, Fleete, Flint, Flood, Floyd, Fobes, Foley, Folger, Folliott, Fontaine, Foote, Forbes, Ford, Forde, Forester, Forman, Fortesque, Fosdick, Foster, Foulke, Fowle, Fowler, Fox, Foxcroft, Francis, Franklin, Fraser, Frazer, Freeman, Frishmuth, Fulkerson, Furness, Gage, Gale, Gallagher, Gany, Gardiner, Gardner, Garlinghouse, Garrard, Garrett, Gascoigne, Gates, Gatewood, George, Gerard, Gerry, Gholson, Gibbs, Gibson, Gifford, Gignoux, Gilbert, Gillette, Gilson, Glasgow, Glassell, Gleason, Gleffer, Glenn, Glover, Goddard, Godfrey, Godfroy, Godolphin, Goff, Goggin, Goldsborough, Goldsmith, Goldthwaite, Good, Goodale, Gooden, Goodenough, Goodrich, Goodspeed, Goodwin, Gordon, Gore, Gorges, Gorham, Gorsuch, Gould, Grafton, Graham, Grahame, Granger, Grant, Granville, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenough, Gregory, Greville, Grey, Griffin, Griffing, Griffith, Grimes, Griscom, Griswold, Groan, Grosvenor, Grunwell, Grymes, Gustin, Guthrie, Gwathmey, Gwynne, Hackett, Haddad, Hadden, Haff, Haggins, Hake, Hale, Haliburton, Hall, Hallward, Hamilton, Hamlen, Hamlin, Hammond, Hamp, Handy, Hansell, Hanson, Hardaway, Hardy, Hare, Harlakeden, Harlow, Harris, Harrison, Harshman, Hart, Haseltine, Haskell, Hasselman, Hastings, Hatch, Haven, Haviland, Hawley, Hay, Haynes, Hayward, Heafer, Hemsley, Henderson, Henry, Hepbron, Hepburn, Herbert, Herdman, Hereford, Hering, Herndon, Heyward, Hickman, Hickox, Higginson, Hill, Hills, Hinsdale, Hitchcock, Hoadley, Hodges, Hodgson, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoge, Hogg, Holcombe, Holden, Holladay, Holland, Holles, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Hollyday, Holman, Holmes, Homans, Home, Homes, Hoo, Hooker, Hooper, Hoover, Hopkins, Hopton, Hosford, Houghteling, Houghton, Houston, Houstoun, Hover, How, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howes, Howland, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes, Hulse, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hungerford, Hunnicutt, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hurlbut, Hussey, Hutchins, Huxley, Hyde, Hynson, Ide, Ingalls, Ingersoll, Ingles, Ingraham, Innes, Ireland, Isham, Jackson, Jagers, Jamar, Janvier, Jefferson, Jeffts, Jennings, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Josselyn, Joyce, Kale, Kane, Kean, Keeler, Keim, Keith, Keller, Kelley, Kelsea, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kenney, Ker, Kerr, Kettle, Key, Keyes, Keyser, Keyt, Kilgour, Kimball, Kidder, King, Kingsbury, Kinney, Kirby, Kittredge, Knight, Knolles, Knollys, Knowles, Knyvet, Knyvett, Kollock, Laird, Lamar, Lambert, Lamberton, Lancaster, Lane, Lang, Langdon, Lanier, Lanpher, Laplace, Lardner, Larrabee, Lascelles, Latchaw, Lathrop, Latimer, Launce, Law, Lawrence, Lawton, Layton, Lea, Leach, Leake, Leaming, Learned, Leavitt, Lee, Leffingwell, Legg, Leigh, Lennig, Lennox, Leonard, Le Scrope, Leverett, Lewis, Libby, Lightfoot, Ligon, Lillard, Lilly, Lincoln, Lindbergh, Lindsay, Lines, Lippitt, Littell, Little, Livermore, Livingston, Lloyd, Locke, Lodge, Logan, London, Look, Loomis, Lord, Loring, Lott, Lovell, Lovett, Lowe, Lowell, Lowndes, Lucas, Luce, Lufkin, Lugg, Lumley, Lummis, Lygon, Lyman, Lynde, Lyon, Lyons, Lyster, Maben, MacArthur, MacDonald, Mace, MacIntosh, Mackenzie, Mackinnon, Mackintosh, Mackworth, MacLean, MacNee, Macomb, Macomber, Macy, Madison, Mainwaring, Malsan, Manly, Manners, Manning, Mansur, Manville, Marbury, Mark, Markham, Marks, Marquand, Marshall, Marsham, Martin, Marvel, Marvil, Marvin, Mason, Massey, Massie, Mather, Maule, Mauleverer, Maxwell, May, McCauley, McCause, McClelland, McClure, McCord, McCormick, McCurdy, McDonald, McDonnell, McDougal, McGuire, McHugh, McKaig, McKay, McKibben, McKinney, McKitrick, McLane, McMeechen, McPherson, McQuiddy, McWain, Meade, Mebus, Medbery, Megginson, Meikleham, Meriwether, Merrell, Merrick, Merrill, Merritt, Messick, Messinger, Metcalf, Michener, Miles, Milhous, Miller, Mills, Milner, Milton, Minis, Minor, Mirick, Moale, Molesworth, Moncure, Monroe, Montagu, Moody, Moore, Mordaunt, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Morson, Mortimer, Morton, Mott, Motteley, Moulthrop, Moulton, Mountbatten, Mowatt, Mowbray, Mowry, Mudge, Muir, Muller, Mulliken, Mullikin, Mumford, Munroe, Munsil, Murat, Murdock, Murphey, Murray, Myers, Myles, Myrick, Naile, Nash, Navarre, Neale, Negus, Neilson, Nelson, Nevens, Nevill, Neville, Nevins, Newbold, Newbury, Newcomen, Newell, Newhall, Nichols, Nicolls, Niles, Niven, Nixon, Noble, Noel, Norris, Norwood, Nottingham, Nourse, Noyes, Nye, Oakes, Oaks, Ober, Ogilvy, Ogle, O'Keeffe, Oldfield, Oliphant, Oliver, Olivier, O'Neil, Ordway, O'Reilly, Ortiz, Osborn, Osgood, Otis, Owen, Owings, Owsley, Oxenberg, Oxenbridge, Packett, Paddock, Padelford, Page, Paget, Paige, Paine, Pakenham, Palmer, Palmes, Pancoast, Parke, Parker, Parkman, Parks, Parmenter, Parr, Parsons, Partridge, Parvin, Paston, Patch, Patrick, Patten, Patterson, Patteson, Patton, Paulet, Payne, Peabody, Peale, Pearce, Pearson, Peck, Pelham, Pendleton, Penn, Penn-Gaskell, Penniman, Pennington, Penrose, Pentz, Pepper, Percy, Perine, Perkins, Perry, Peter, Peyton, Phelps, Phillips, Phinney, Phipps, Pierce, Pierrepont, Pike, Pillow, Pillsbury, Pinkham, Pitkin, Platt, Pleasants, Plunket, Plunkett, Pole, Pomeroy, Ponsonby, Poole, Poor, Popham, Porter, Porteus, Potter, Potts, Poynings, Pratt, Prentice, Prentiss, Prescott, Preston, Price, Prince, Proctor, Pryor, Puleston, Purcell, Purvis, Putnam, Putney, Quase, Quincy, Ralph, Ralston, Rambo, Ramsay, Ramsdell, Randolph, Ranney, Ransom, Ratcliffe, Rawdon, Ray, Raymond, Read, Reade, Reed, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rhoades, Rhodes, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Rider, Ridgway, Riggs, Ringgold, Ripley, Rives, Rixford, Robbins, Roberdeau, Roberts, Robertson, Robie, Robins, Robinson, Roche, Rockefeller, Rockwell, Rodgers, Rodman, Rodney, Roe, Rogers, Romigh, Roosevelt, Root, Rootes, Rose, Ross, Rotch, Rothschild, Rowell, Rowland, Rowley, Royce, Rucker, Ruffin, Runner, Russell, Rutgers, Ruthven, Sackville, Sadler, Safford, Sale, Saltonstall, Sanborn, Sandford, Sandys, Sargent, Sartoris, Savage, Savile, Sawyer, Sayles, Schaf, Schlesinger, Schley, Schoonmacher, Schroeder, Schutt, Scollay, Scott, Scoville, Seabury, Sears, Seton, Settle, Sever, Severance, Seymour, Shafer, Shallcross, Shanks, Sharp, Shattuck, Shaw, Shelden, Sheldon, Shelmire, Shepard, Shepherd, Sherer, Sherman, Shipman, Shoemaker, Shrewsbury, Sidney, Simmons, Sinclair, Singleton, Sitwell, Skinner, Skipwith, Slaughter, Slosson, Smith, Smythe, Snicker, Snow, Somerset, Somerville, Soule, Souter, Southard, Southworth, Spalding, Spaulding, Spellman, Spence, Spencer, Sperry, Spilman, Spock, Spooner, Spotswood, Sprague, St. George, St. John, St. Leger, St. Martin, Stacey, Stafford, Staniels, Stanley, Stanton, Stapleton, Starbird, Starbuck, Starkweather, Starr, Stearns, Steele, Stetson, Steuart, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewardson, Stewart, Stickney, Stiefel, Stiles, Stinson, Stockley, Stoddard, Stokes, Stone, Stoner, Stonor, Stout, Stradling, Strickland, Strong, Stuart, Sutton, Swan, Swift, Sydney, Taft, Taintor, Talbot, Talboys, Taliaferro, Talmage, Tallmadge, Tandy, Tanfield, Tarbell, Tarleton, Tasker, Tayloe, Taylor, Teel, Telford, Temple, Ten Broeck, Terrell, Terry, Thacher, Thatcher, Thayer, Thiot, Thom, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorndike, Thornton, Throckmorton, Thynne, Tilden, Tileston, Tilghman, Tillinghast, Ting, Tobey, Todd, Torrey, Totto, Tower, Towne, Townsend, Trabue, Tracy, Travers, Traxler, Treat, Trippe, Troup, Trowbridge, Trumbull, Tuchet, Tuck, Tucker, Tudor, Tunnell, Tunstall, Turner, Tuthill, Tuttle, Twells, Twining, Tyng, Underhill, Upson, Urquhart, Van Keppel, Van Petten, Van Wyck, Vail, Vane, Veazie, Venable, Vernon, Vickers, Villiers, Vincent, Vinton, Von Dohlen, Von Habsburg, Wade, Wadsworth, Waitt, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walley, Waln, Walton, Warburton, Ward, Warfield, Waring, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Washington, Waterman, Waters, Watson, Webb, Webber, Webster, Wedgwood, Weld, Welles, Wellford, Wellman, Wells, Wendell, Wentworth, Wertenbaker, Wescott, West, Weston, Weymouth, Wharton, Wheaton, Wheeler, Whelen, Whettenhall, Whipple, Whitaker, White, Whiting, Whitner, Whitney, Whittingham, Whitwell, Wickham, Wickes, Wigglesworth, Wilde, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams, Willis, Willoughby, Willson, Wilmer, Wilmot, Wilson, Windsor, Wing, Winn, Winslow, Winsor, Winston, Wise, Wistar, Wister, Wolcott, Wolfe, Wood, Woodbridge, Woodbury, Woodford, Woodhull, Woodman, Woodnutt, Woodville, Woodward, Woodworth, Woolfolk, Worrell, Worth, Worthington, Wright, Wriothesley, Wroth, Wyatt, Wyckoff, Wyllys, Wyse, Wyman, Wyndham, Wyvil, Yarborough, Yates, Yeager, Young, and Zacharias.
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