• Because they are selfish people that want the joy of sex for its own sake without the complications. Because they don't, won't or can't take precautions against pregnancy and want the sex anyway. Becoming pregnant doesn't fit into their plans.
  • Because they are selfish, irresponsible and lazy. Sometimes, they are also drunk or high. I think every woman should have the choice to legally have an the case of rape, incest, endangerment to mother or child's life, etc. But as an alternate to birth control? No! My stepsister, who has 2 daughters (15 and 4) recently went on a tear of fooling around and getting pregnant again a few months back. I saddened me that she behaved that way (and she's old enough to know better), but she really had no business raising another child as she's struggling as a single mom as it is. She did have an abortion, but it really tore us up emotionally.
  • That is so sad that people will allow that to happen, and not be careful if they do not want to have children. So many women that want to abort and I want to have another child, mine are grown now.
  • While I do agree with all the other answerers tha people like that are self centered selfish individuals, We still have to remember that not all people who don 't want kids and end up pregnant anyway get that way because of selfishness. There are several who end up in that prediciment in spite of taking all necessary precautions to prevent getting pregnant. I wouldn't bash them and call them selfish for wanting to abort the child. Sometimes people like that actually do the child a favor by aborting it rather than take te risk of becoming a resentful and hatful parent that is more than likely going to abuse the child. I do agree that there are a large number who are too selfish to take the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy because they feel using birth control somehow detracts from the feelings or excitment an arousal but we should not be hating on those who are responsibile enough to take the necessary precautions but end up pregnant anyway accidentally.
  • Honest answer? Life happens, and no matter how careful you are or aren't sometimes things happen that are beyond your control.
  • It really isn't as cut and dry as that. A woman choosing to have an abortion goes therough a very difficult thought process. There can also be major issues of depression during pregnancy that can cause a woman to take this route. Or other health issues that you may not know about. This is not to say that some women seem to view abortion as a form of birth control, which is IMO not acceptable. But just because a woman has an abortion does not mean that the sole reason is she did not want children.
  • Because being on birth control or using a condom would be too much work.
  • Sometimes the necessary preventions are ignored in the heat of passion, but I'm not going to fault anyone for having an abortion.If you've ever been to a Planned Parenthood clinic on scheduled days of abortion, its not a happy place. There's alot of emotions: sadness, relief, fear, passiveness, anxiety. Alot of the females who go there are young and perhaps didn't take into account pregnancy is real. There are older females in there also, but the emotions are the same. Would you rather have a female raise a child not wanting the kid, and being a bad parent or a female who's ready for motherhood? Someone's who is in high school/college is trying to get themselves together, and older female might not bee in a good relationship...and an abortion is one way of being responsible about the outcome of unprotected sex.
  • Because they're messed up in the head. These women must have emotional problems to give in so easily. I don't want children, and I have my reasons, all logical (like not being able to support myself, and not wanting to pass on my disabilities to someone elese). But I'm smart about having sex, when I have it. I always use protection and I don't whore around. But some women are too giving and their desire to please clouds their judgement. They're just products of female conditioning. All of us react in different ways. For some, it's not so good.
  • I think alot of the time. Its do to pure selfishness in some people. Other times its do from others pressuring the person or persons into doing it. Then there are some cases where its do to a matter of life & death to the mother. I am thankful knowing that my own mother would of given her life, if it was the only way for one of her children to live on. I am sorry to say that there are some in this world. Who just don't take the time to think of reality. And to look outside of the box first, & not just look in it. Only if people took the time to think about what can happen. Do to the results of their bag judgment. In pleasing themself without first thinking, on what the consequences may bring later...............M.C.S.
  • Because they are either blind to the evil that it is, or they do not care how evil it is. To them a human life is worth a good one night stand. When put in those terms, the evil of it all is quite apparent to anyone who has any conscience at all. Trying to disguise the fact that it is DEATH not merely a "choice" or a "right" does not lessen the fact that the life is taken. They made their "choice" when they did the deed and used no birth control, and therefore have the consequences to bear. It is a sad reminder of our pathetic society how nobody wants to be accountable for their actions anymore.
  • These are ignorant,irresponsible messed up people who do not believe in moral and safe sex.
  • Mistakes happen, even with the most protected couple

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